On Poetry

  I have been writing now in earnest for around 25 years. I started writing TV and film scripts, and then moved to playwriting before – a little over a year ago – I found myself inexplicably returning to poetry (where in truth it all began) – this time, however, I found I had a […]


Drunk Uncle Trump

He rants and he raves And he waves his finger Just like your drunk uncle (Although he’s a better singer) He’d like to deport everyone And build a big wall He doesn’t see a single Problem with that at all He’ll try  and grab your pussy With his tiny orange hands How is he close […]

Ungagged Team

Kiera Court

  This page is still under construction. The backstage ungagged fairies are working on getting it built asap so check back soon. In the meantime check out her Ungagged Art here Please follow and like us:


Debra Torrance Art

The extremely talented Debra Torrance is the artist behind loads of the Ungagged site artwork: Including the majority of the artwork for Ungagged’s Activist Advent:   Debra is pretty good at portraits of political figures too: Please follow and like us:

Ungagged Fiction

Finding God

    You mean I never told you how I found God? What, never? You won’t believe me anyway. I mean, I wouldn’t. Oh you still want to know? Ok, here’s what happened. It was a few years back and I was on a road trip. Sheila had left me a couple months before and […]

Ungagged Bands

Hand of Dog

A Stoner Rock Band prevalent in the Glasgow music scene circa 2008-2010. They issued  ‘ Diaries of the Dysfunctional’ featuring songs such as ‘call the shots’ ’10 ways to kill a Mexican’ ’16 cities’ ‘something caught fire’ and ‘goat boy’. They had a busy live schedule around Scotland for 2 years but eventually work and travel […]