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The Bard and the Bastirts…

Available FREE on iTunes and Podbean On our Burns themed podcast: Max Newland on the anti-Trump protests in Idaho, his fears and the difficulties in reaching those who are supporting Trump and working together to create a better politics. Victoria Pearson on the political gobbledegook doublespeak now legitimised by May’s Brexit and Trump. Chuck Hamilton […]

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Kes’s Conscience

*Please read in your most sarcastic voice, otherwise this really doesn’t work* It’s all my fault. I’m Kes. (Hi.)  I was at university in Brighton, 19 years old, thinking “I’ve written lots of songs – I should play them”, so I got in touch with Bran – who, inexplicably, offered to play bass instead of drums despite being a drummer […]

Ungagged Bands


  GUTTFULL’s message to Trump, King of the Arseholes We’re GUTTFULL and we formed at the end of 2016: a bunch of big-mouthed feminist musicians with just so much rage to let out. Our first single is ‘Arsehole’, and it’s dedicated to Donald Trump, King of the Arseholes. With a bigoted, sexist, racist, right-wing meglomanic […]


Club Trumpicana

  Good luck, American working class friends. Good luck world. Perhaps by the end of this Presidential term we will all have gold doors. That white bit around the eyes will become fashionable as sun beds become safer through millions of pounds worth of investment. In fact, USA, the jobs Trump was doodling about in […]


Rejecting Soma

    And so we find ourselves now, living through these dying days of drip-fed Soma And incremental soft dogma A shiny self-promotional world in which oppression Finds its manifestation Behind manifold masks and expert skin-grafts And the grim oppressor dons the cloak of freedom Whilst secretly shoring up the already- mighty fortified walls And […]