Christopher Graham

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Christopher Graham
On our road to Independence it is necessary to engage with previous No voters in a respectful and intuitive manner. Pointless arguing and branding of the other as “Nawbags” and several other derogatory terms harm our chances to converting people such as I was to the Yes campaign. This vocabulary and approach will only result in people not wanting to join the side which abuses them and the it will automatically discount any argument and debate put forward. Who wants to listen to someone starting off telling you are wrong?
So I argue for a positive and friendly campaign for Independence, which is why I propose speaking to as many No supporters that you can even if it is only 1 and ask them why they do not support Independence. If possible, share with them your reasons behind Independence support and invite them over to this page to talk to those with differing opinions. Anyone should be able to justify their position and if they are unable to do so need to re analyse and negotiate within themselves the right action for the progression of our nation.
So why was the page I’m Now Yes created? Well I am a no-voter turned Yes campaigner, through my love of motorbikes I ran into Creag Thomson who led the Yes Bikers at the time. We never really talked about politics mostly because he did not realise I was a No voter. However, around December 2014 he asked me if I would help run his page and I decided that I would help a friend out, by this point I was on the Yes side but marginally, due to the failed actions of Westminster.
As to why I voted No, well a few things contributed to that. Firstly, I was not blind enough to believe that Westminster is perfect I however felt that the promises made by the No- campaign would be enforced by the Scottish people regardless of Yes or No affiliation. Moreover, the friend group and area I grew up in was heavily No centred thus limiting the desire to access information other than what I was receiving. I will admit to not searching for the information because I was not that interested in the whole referendum. So with lack of information and a belief that with the security that being part of the UK would hold and the new powers we would receive Scotland would prosper within the union. I voted by postal vote, roughly 10 days before the referendum. I was borderline Yes by this point on the premise of why shouldn’t we be Independent. By the 18th and especially the 19th I knew I had made the wrong decision. I believe a lot of people also felt the same as me and have since changed stance on Independence.
It was when I started helping out with the page that I saw widespread information on Independence and knew truly with 100% certainty that Independence was the best course of action. I have since campaigned towards IndyRef2 and will do so until Independence is achieved.
I think the greatest feeling so far had to be leading a 100 YesBikers into George Square, where some marchers were already waiting on the 30th July. Before we entered the square we lined up to ensure we were altogether, nothing fills you with more pride seeing saltires, bikes and people as far as the eye can see!! So if I can go from a no voter contempt within Westminster oppression to the leading member of YesBikers it highlights one clear and simple message: THE TIDE HAS TURNED! WE ARE COMING FOR YOU INDYREF2!!

It is up to the people of our nation to fight what is ours, we have to get actively campaigning, supporting groups and events run by honest individuals and groups. Forgetting the insults made to NO voters and most of all welcoming all voters in as part of the YES Family! Family, Unity and Communication will lead Scotland to Independence.

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Ungagged on the Campaign for Scottish Independence

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Ungagged is a podcast from the left, based in Scotland, but like many media outlets we have editorial from across the world.

We started Ungagged with two aims. One- as a forum for a wide range of commentators across the left to give their views without prejudice. And two to ensure, in the mix of the new international media, Scotland has a positive, progressive voice.

Nicola Sturgeon has indicated that Scotland is back on the campaign for independence. We, as a small media organisation, support independence and hope to include editorial from the pro- independence left in the coming months.

The left in Scotland has many different views on how independence will be reached, and on what an independent Scotland will look like. We hope to give those different voices a platform.

Scotland has been a centre left voting country for many, many years. Equality, the welfare of all and Internationalism come at the very top of the values the Scottish electorate- and that is what Ungagged hopes to reflect.

Loud Women

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On this International Womens Day special of Ungagged, we’ll hear from Amber Daniels  on the progress of women’s rights, and why International Women’s Day is still needed, Ruth Hopkins with a #NoDAPL update, Debra Torrance with a Dear John letter, and Ruth McAteer on women finding their voices.

Nick Durie  will be speaking about women in community groups, Red Raiph  will discuss racism, Victoria Pearson will talk about the different struggles we face under the current system and some of the forgotten women from history. Mara Leverkuhn will be discussing what she sees as the problems of feminism, and the struggle we should really be focusing on, Eric Joyce will talk about women in the media, and  Steve McAuliffe  will share his poem An End to Time and Motion.

We’ll be hearing from new contributor Teresa Durran with a piece on the Icelandic strikes in 1975 and how they link to women’s marches today, as well as special guest speakers Daniellé Dash, on trying to achieve your dream, Em Dehaney on how feminism is not a dirty word, Zareen Taj, secretary of Muslim Women’s Association of Edinburgh talking about uniting communities, and about the toxicity of Prevent, and Natalie Washington on the journey to becoming yourself, and how  everyone has an equal right to be wrong.

With music from The Babel Fish Project, Dream Nails, Madame So, Gladiators Are You Ready, Fight Rosa Fight, Argonaut, Deux Furieuses, The Ethical Debating Society, Little Fists, Nervous Twitch, Petrol Girls,  Fightmilk, GUTFULL, and The Potentials.


As always here on Ungagged we don’t always agree with each other, but we do respect each others right to speak, and to be heard.

If anything on the pod made you want to shout, get yourself onto the comments section, or onto our twitter, and get Ungagged.

Teresa Durran

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Teresa Durran

Teresa’s life is built on the four cornerstones of politics, music, cricket and cake.

Being the daughter of immigrants has entirely informed her world and political view, and she has consequently always instinctively rooted (and occasionally fought) for the underdog, the outsider and the ‘other’. She is left leaning but non party political, and is waiting in hope for the devastatingly effective coalition which will be needed to make Brexit go away.

Having spent far too many years paralysed with existential angst, her approach to life is now pretty much head on. Being late to the discovery that embracing your fears makes you stronger she doesn’t intend to waste too much more time, and is now a new age explorer, a middle aged hippy and plans to be an old aged traveler.

She thinks, writes and stares into space a lot and if she hasn’t got her head in a laptop or a book, can often be found on a yoga mat. She is always lost in music.

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