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BRIEFING:  Benefit Sanctions Statistics:JSA, ESA, Universal Credit and Income Support for Lone Parents August 2017 

  BRIEFING: Benefit Sanctions Statistics: JSA, ESA, Universal Credit and Income Support for Lone Parents   August 2017       22 September 2017     Dr David Webster Honorary Senior Research Fellow Urban Studies University of Glasgow   Webpages:   SUMMARY In the year to March 2017 there were approximately 129,000 JSA […]

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Universal Chaos

A shocking government briefing paper written by David Webster of the Child Poverty action Group has come to light exposing the failings of the Tories flagship Universal Credit system, including skyrocketing sanctions against pregnant women, and people with mental health problems. The scheme, which the government agreed in its universal credit white paper (pdf) was […]

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Available FREE on iTunes and Podbean On this episode of Ungagged, edited by Neil Scott, with assistance from Neil Anderson, we are talking about moving forward and making progress. We’ll be hearing from Red Raiph on his thoughts on following the 2014 Scottish referendum, and how he moved on following the result, Victoria Pearson will be talking about why […]

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Peace People

Available FREE on iTunes and Podbean This time on Ungagged we wanted to talk about Peace People, but we nearly didn’t manage it. The Ungagged team has been plagued with illness and injury and sudden busyness, and we were beginning to think this was the cursed pod. We got there in the end though, and we hope it […]