The inky dark December sky outside is punctured Holed by a luminous moon, cold and full and bright. But inside, there are three candles and eleven tea lights burning There is peace, there is warmth, there is complete quiet.   Shifting currents below the surface are heralding something good An almost imperceptible sense of […]

Ungagged Fiction

A Gift Comes Calling…

This story also appears on Neil’s blog As the scientists looked at each other in disbelief, outside their Lower Withington building across the street, Corey stood up, turned his head from side to side, stretched and took his first tentative steps in the 31 years he had been on planet earth.No one had ever wanted […]

Ungagged Podcast

The Gift

Available FREE on iTunes and Podbean We’ve a real gift of a podcast for you this episode, since “gift” was our theme. Of course, we didn’t all stick to the theme – this is Ungagged after all… In this episode, Red Raiph will be retelling The Raven, Em Dehaney will be talking about Christmas gifts and not always getting what you want, Chuck […]

Ungagged Bands

Gallows Circus

Gallows Circus play blues-hearted, dirty, rock – inspired by the likes of; Led Zeppelin, Blackstone Cherry, Free, Reef, and Thin Lizzy. Creating original songs that induce head-nodding and chin-growth! All achieved by way of catchy riffs and vocal melodies, supported by a robust rhythm section that, once combined, will have you singing the songs for […]

Ungagged Bands

The Blackheart Orchestra

The Blackheart Orchestra are a British singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist duo comprising long term collaborators Chrissy Mostyn and Richard Pilkington. The band blend musical styles in a non-conformist way seamlessly sidestepping boundaries to create their unique classically driven, emotion-drenched music. One moment their sound is minimalist and fragile weaving melodies and atmospherics with silence to create […]


White Ribbons for Indy

“It is incumbent upon each of us to be the woman that [killer’s name] wanted to kill.  We must live with this honor, this courage.  We must drive out fear.  We must hold on.  We must create.  We must resist. Andrea Dworkin (2007)   Online, in an increasingly polarised section of the internet called “the […]



You can’t run away from ghosts. They’re too sly for that. They slip and slide after you, seeping through cracks In your consciousness. That grey silence just before dawn Where your fears rush in and create a gap? That’s their favourite place. Their space.   Throw yourself into your work. Go on. Add hours to […]