International Poetry

Dam disaster in Brazil

Reporter: Nathália Urban After Friday’s (25th Jan) environmental tragedy in Brazil were a dam used by the mining company Vale S.A collapsed and flooded toxic mud in a huge area, including the indigenous community of the Naô Xohã. Due to the tragedy, one of their members the indigenous activist Maybí Nytnawã wrote a poem showing […]


Royal Drivers…

Before one retired to the city, one lived in a quiet place.  I long for that quiet but I am, I suppose, addicted to the life of the beautiful parasites, suckling on the tit of the establishment, here in the Royal Capital.   The city brings with it a surfeit of abhorrent, vulgar bearded and cocktail […]


Where are we with Brexit?

It is difficult to work out what the next steps will be in Parliament and what the Tories and the Labour party will propose in the inexorable countdown to Brexit. What we do know is what has happened up to this point. The Withdrawal Agreement negotiated between the UK and the EU has been voted […]