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A Blank Page

“It appears that, after major global events a new order develops, for better or worse.” A 4th April article from The Washington Post says; “Across the globe, the coronavirus outbreak is slamming the brakes on dreams of social change, halting a season of civil unrest from Hong Kong to Lebanon to Chile. Stay-at-home orders issued by authorities, often enforced by police officers […]


A Bus-Load of Hypocrisy

“If you voted Tory and stood on your doorway clapping them…! Sit the fuck down!” This state of crisis we are in has exposed an incredible conflict in our national identity and personal responsibility as citizens. Panic buying and hoarding reveals nothing but the utter base selfishness of those doing it, the ‘ as long […]

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Virtual Covidity

At my last family gathering before social distancing was escalated, my nephew gave me an insight into the mind-blowing world (for a certain demographic!) of virtual reality. I screamed, while a dinosaur galloped towards me at speed, and experienced vertigo as I teetered at the edge of scaffolding, high above 5th Avenue NY. Such discomfort […]

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Email to Student Discipline @ University of Stirling re: The Stirling 13

Victimisation of the Stirling 13 Firstly we would like to extend our support for the striking Lecturers, members of UCU. It is a legitimate and righteous struggle for pay, contract, pensions and conditions. Students also wanted to give their support, their solidarity to their own striking lecturers. The students solidarity actions were also to support […]

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Open Letter to an Undecided Voter

UNDECIDED ABOUT SCOTTISH INDEPENDENCE? Here is a summary of issues, and references about the prospect of an independent Scotland. This applies to anyone who accepts that people living in Scotland have the democratic right to self-determination. Broadly speaking, areas of concern tend to centre around Identity, Politics and Economy. IDENTITY If you are undecided, maybe […]

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The Journey into Progressive Politics and Progressive Media

Like most Scottish young people my journey into politics started with a simple question. Should Scotland be an independent nation? When presented with this at age 15, I said well of course it should. Sad irony however, dictated that I’d been born a few months late for voting age and be one of the only […]