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Bolsonaro is here: But hope is bigger than fear

by Nathália Urban Sad, wounded, upset and tired, that’s how many people are feeling after finding out that Jair Bolsonaro was elected  Brazil’s 38th president. Now people ask me how and why it happened. The reasons are numerous, such as dissatisfaction with the traditional political system, scandals of corruption, fake news, and especially the disbelief in […]

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Norsefire on the Horizon?

Norsefire on the Horizon? We live in an age where senior SNP politicians are openly expressing worry about the rise of a far-right figure in England.  Alyn Smith, MEP, said that the situation in England is so precarious that one wrong move, so to speak, could lead to the emergence of the far-right.  Smyth cites […]

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May, You Live In Interesting Times

May, You Live In Interesting Times I was an enthusiastic participant in the original Pussy march in London on 21 January 2017, along with an estimated 5 million people worldwide – there were over 400 anti-Trump marches in cities across the world that day. It was unlike any other protest march I had previously joined, […]

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Ditch the Donald, Dump the Trump

Ditch the Donald, Dump the Trump free protest signs Want to carry a super cool protest sign for when the orange menace visits the UK, but you aren’t very artsy? We’ve got you covered. Our art department (the brilliant Red Raiph and Debra Torrance) have created a whole range of  Dump the Trump posters that […]

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AUOB? Kick Out The Fascists

Ball to the Wall AUOB? Kick Out The Fascists Why YES doesn’t need fascists marching under our banner   The Yes campaign/movement is one of the most remarkable organic movements in history. Opposed by the British government, the Crown, and all but one daily and Sunday newspaper (and increasingly, seemingly, by its own major political […]