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The G Word

  As a gay woman I’ve been lucky enough to have a broad range of inspirational females to befriend. Recently there has been furious debate about the changes to the Gender Recognition Act. I have friends on both sides of the debate. As I consider myself to be a generally liberal feminist (in the literal […]

Campaigns LGBTQIAP+


Regarding LGBTQIA+ civil rights, the Western Hemisphere has come a long way over the past several decades. No more section 28, no more guaranteed sackings after coming out, families are more likely than ever to support their children, and celebrities can come out as gay or trans without risking their careers on a scale once […]


Bisexuality, from a bisexual

  Bisexuality is not a point on a spectrum that has heterosexuality on one end and homosexuality at the other. It’s more like the flip-side of a coin with monosexuality on its reverse. Monosexuality includes both of those other sexual orientations, heterosexuality and homosexuality, that in truth have more in common with each other than […]