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A Tale of Two Revolutions: Russia and Iran

After Tom Perez’s “Night of the Long Knives” purge of progressives and entrenchment of centrists at the Democratic National Committee, no self-respecting leftist can hold anything for the Democratic Party but contempt. A thoroughly corrupt organization cannot be reformed, period. Capitalism cannot be reformed. Neoliberal bodies such as the EU or the UK of GB […]

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AN INDEPENDENT SOCIALIST SCOTLAND? Some Problems of ‘Socialism in One Country’.

From the time of the Russian Revolution of 1917, it has been recognised that acute problems attend the construction of socialism in conditions of ideological isolation. Before 1924, Lenin, Trotsky and all other Soviet leaders believed that the crucial importance of foreign trade and investment for Soviet development implied the assistance of other socialist countries. […]


“FAKE NEWS” -propaganda churned by the Bernays school, owns your mind

‘Member WMDs? I remember. “Fake News” — it’s Propaganda, but not from Russia Fake news is everywhere now, so everybody must have an idea. I am developing on the fact that fake news isn’t just an honest crusade against hoaxes, but a deliberate and dangerous attempt at censorship. Things you hear like fake news, conspiracy theories, Corbyn unelectable, […]


A Slice of Class Cake

Birmingham last week. Been out to dinner with “respectable” professor of economy. Talking about social historical philosophical and economic issues spanning all human history. Lavish restaurant. Endless courses and fucking pompous cocktails with half a mango in them, exotic erotic names and little umbrellas. This is rococo France all over again. Champagne, candles and prostration […]