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Brazil, Bolsonaro, Liberation Theology and the new attacks on the Church

Bolsonaro’s government is becoming well known for their paranoia against “invisible enemies,” one of their traits is to accuse the most unthinkable people/institutions to be leftists. After accusing BBC, The EU and The economist of being communists, Bolsonaro’s government has a new target: The Catholic Church! It might sound surprising and even random to many […]

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“The basic law of capitalism is you or I, not both you and I.” Karl Liebknecht. Available FREE  on iTunes and Podbean   “The basic law of capitalism is you or I, not both you and I.” Karl Liebknecht.” The first of our new format, shorter, more frequent #podcasts, this one has an international theme. Featuring Red Raiph on […]

International Poetry

Dam disaster in Brazil

Reporter: Nathália Urban After Friday’s (25th Jan) environmental tragedy in Brazil were a dam used by the mining company Vale S.A collapsed and flooded toxic mud in a huge area, including the indigenous community of the Naô Xohã. Due to the tragedy, one of their members the indigenous activist Maybí Nytnawã wrote a poem showing […]