GE2017: Kick Out The Tories

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On this Pre-Election special, we’ll have Derek Stewart Macpherson with the first part of his Spin Cycle series, John McHarg talking about voter choice, Richie Venton on the choices socialists are facing in this election, and we’ll be hearing from Nick Durie about how this election proves the YES parties have failed to integrate movementism into their political practice.

Victoria Pearson will be reading her poem Another Revolting Peasant, Amber Heathers will be talking about an election in an age of uncertainty, and Chuck Hamilton will be giving us an American perspective on the UK election.

We’ll have a magical poem called Invocation from Steve McAuliffe, Debra Torrance will be talking politics and football, Fuad Alakbarov will be talking about the election and ex Derry British Army Commander Eric Joyce will be talking about Corbyn, the IRA, Martin Mcguiness, Trident and Iraq.

Red Raiph will be talking GE2017, Teresa Durran will be on newswatch, and we’ll have  Sandra Webster discussing dystopian sci-fi and the elections.

With music from Mark Little, Joe Bone & The Dark Vibes, Captain Ska, Robb Johnson, Joe Solo, Deux Furieuses, Derek Stewart Macpherson and Zoe Macpherson, Husky Tones, Argonaut, Kes’s Conscience, Madame So, Dream Nails, and The Wakes.



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The Tory Party Conference – It’s Aw Gone Wrang!

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The Tory Party Conference- It’s Aw Gone Wrang!

This is an unscheduled, bonus podcast, because here at Ungagged we couldn’t just let the vile rhetoric pumping out of the Tory party conference go unanswered or unchallenged.

Featuring Matt Geraghty, Debra TorranceVictoria PearsonEric Joyce,  Steve McAuliffe, Amber Daniels and pulled together, as always by the inimitable Neil Scott.

With music by
Thee Faction with Conservative Friend
Vodun with Bloodstones
Dream Nails with DIY.


Eric Joyce

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Eric Joyce

Eric Joyce writes and works on issues related to Africa, the extractive industries and Scottish independence. He is a former soldier and politician, having served  15 years in the British Army then 15 more as the member of the UK parliament for Falkirk. While in parliament, Eric served on both the front and back-benches; in government and in opposition.

Eric was a Labour, then independent, MP who opposed independence until Brexit. He entered and exited politics in fairly well-known and controversial circumstances. Today, he edits and contributes to the project ‘’ which aims to help Scots who previously opposed independence to move across and support it.

‘FromnotoYes.Scot’ will soon launch a new, updated website. It features regular comment features and will shortly include a weekly blog. There is a newsletter for anyone who would like to be sent it. There will be occasional and open ‘From No to Yes’ events where all will be  most welcome.

Contact Eric at