First We Take Manhattan

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Guess who’s in my news feed?
The Jews, the Jews, the Jews.
I’m being told to wake up to the Jews.
But all I need to wake up
is the chill wind at my neck and the sirens.
Still, you tell me Leonard Cohen wrote
First We Take Manhattan
to warn us that the Zionists are taking over.
And you say you really admire Leonard Cohen.
What’s the implication?
Do you want to claim Cohen as a Jew-hating Jew?


Here come the links, the YouTube reflux
rehabilitating Adolf Hitler.
It’s meme-legitimate:  Not Responsible
for World War Two.


You tell me Rothschild wrote off the Titanic.
Did he purchase the iceberg cheap from a trader?
Or did he steal the iceberg
and underpay a century of crisis actors?
                        Did they fake the moonshot with Kubrick using
                         that cryogenic Zionist iceberg?


Then Rothschild snorted down his Semite proboscis
so hooked, so crooked, according to the cartoon
of dirty bankers published by Anonymous,  
sexy, scary Fawkes-masked Anonymous.


And, dependable, reliable, those ancient dollar dynasties
still cackle. Isn’t that a comfort?
And wake up, sheeple, wake up spaceship-full
of fools believing Titanic was Titanic.
That ship full of shekels was really the Olympic.
You say they switched sister ships for their own ends.
You say they switch it all for their own ends.
You say they spread the lie of their own ends.
You tell me, you tell me
you fucking tell me
that it never happened.  Six million?
A Zionist lie to the Jewish Question.
Old money, old tricks. No question.
You say Leonard Cohen foretold 911.
It took 16 years but he knew it was coming.
He was in it up to his sweet circumcision
with the Jewish cabal, Talmud rabbis,
Zionist bankers, Hollywood producers,
Israeli politicians, ordinary Jews and white race traitors.
We should have executed Mr Leonard Cohen.  
Leonard Cohen killed two-and-a-half thousand.
We should at the very least have sued him
before they claimed he died.


You stick a Star of David on Albert Einstein.
Talmud Jew, you say. Liars, all liars.


Next we take Berlin.

Hot Desk

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Roy Møller

Hot desk, commandeered,
I’ll man you like a cannon
on a flight deck, folding,
or a guard to take over
as hours itch like busbies overheating.

Hot desk – I make my slow beginning,
dispersing fast food discarded by another
facing down the jaws of a deadline.

Shared PC – you’re sluggish this lunchtime
so I yawn and process background radiation
and hubbub, hubbub, hubbub.

Shared PC – you’re a job’s worth to me
who won’t be jumpstarted
so while you whir I start flicking
through a stray notebook
abandoned like a diary,
white-glove precious, or so I pretend –
the last piece of handwritten
parchment on Earth.

Feel me numb, bored, crunching;
ease me into tedium and torpor,
ease me in as a temporary player
attempting to place faith beyond the binary
on convalescent kit with trust issues.
Hot desk, I know I should chill.


Reading Time: 1 minute
Roy Møller 


Perimeters work at my innards from the edge –
of sodium shrubs and the lit-up hedge
of the morbid peripheral road.

Perimeters wrap sick halos
above them, around them silent snow’s
undercut by the hum of a huge freezer.

Perimeters stab barbed embroidery
on faded fabric of undone ordinary

while concentric circles of wilderness dance
through the taxi stand stationed beyond the last chance.
Perimeters have crept their way into town.

Roy Møller

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Roy Møller

Roy Moller was born in Edinburgh on 3rd July, 1963. Conceived in Toronto, adopted and raised in Leith, he attended Strathclyde University, where he won a poetry prize. He promptly put writing poems to one side for 25 years to concentrate on songwriting, singing and playing the guitar in singular dyspraxic style. A long, chequered musical apprenticeship paid off with a solo session for Marc Riley on BBC 6Music in 2011 and a session for the same show a year later with Jesus, Baby! (a group put together by Michael Pedersen of Neu! Reekie!). His music has picked up regular airplay in Ontario while Pennyblackmusic has described him as “one of Scotland’s most original songwriters.”
After working in call centres for a plethora of agencies, Roy has muddled through social care, Social Fund and television subtitling. His heroes are Allen Toussaint, Nye Bevan and Clement Attlee. His favourite politicised songwriter is Phil Ochs. He connects with the words of Cardiff’s RS Thomas, Belfast’s Louis MacNeice, Assynt’s Norman MacCaig and Pittsburgh’s Mary Ruefle. He particularly enjoys cooking while listening to the latest Scottish Poetry Library podcast and is a sucker for the utilitarian beauty of classic British Transport Films.
Roy lives in Dunbar, East Lothian with his wife and son. After seven solo albums, poetry is now his medium of choice. Moller’s writing has scattered itself over a selection of literary journals and his first collection, Imports, was published in December, 2014. He is a contributor to the Neu! Reekie! #UntitledTwo, anthology, reading at its launch event at the Edinburgh International Book Festival in August, 2016.
You can find out more on his website  and you can find him on Facebook  and Twitter

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Roy Møller

Reading Time: 1 minute


Roy Møller was born in Edinburgh in 1963 and started writing poetry in his teens. He moved into songwriting and performing in his twenties, eventually releasing seven solo albums, playing a session for Marc Riley on BBC 6Music and one as a member of Jesus, Baby!, a group put together by Neu! Reekie’s Michael Pedersen and fronted by Davy Henderson.

Roy’s first collection, Imports, was published in December, 2014 and he is a contributor to Neu! Reekie! #UntitledTwo, appearing at the anthology’s launch event at the Edinburgh International Book Festival in August, 2016.

Roy’s poetry has appeared in Allegro, Ink, Sweat and Tears, And Other Poems, Outsider Poetry, In Between Hangovers, Your One Phone Call, Pod, The Starving Artist, Lights Out Listening Group, Lies, Dreaming, Northern Renewal, Nutshells and Nuggets, RAUM, Severine, Hot Tub Astronaut, The Eildon Tree, Paper and Ink, Don’t Do It, ZestLit and the Rebel Poetry/RNLI anthology The Sea.


You can find out more  on Roy’s website