“FAKE NEWS” -propaganda churned by the Bernays school, owns your mind

‘Member WMDs? I remember. “Fake News” — it’s Propaganda, but not from Russia Fake news is everywhere now, so everybody must have an idea. I am developing on the fact that fake news isn’t just an honest crusade against hoaxes, but a deliberate and dangerous attempt at censorship. Things you hear like fake news, conspiracy theories, Corbyn unelectable, […]

Politics of Music

Tracks of my Years

This piece originally appeared on Neil’s blog A loaded gun wont set you free…” -Lyrics in the context of my growing up in Northern Ireland that had meaning beyond the meaning Ian Curtis perhaps intended. As a young man I was continually questioning all that was going on around me. Growing up in a mid-Ulster […]

Politics of Music

Bits of Kids

This piece originally appeared on Neil’s blog We drank our tins of Satzenbrau shivering on the school roof looking across the streetlit mid-Ulster valley that was my hometown of Banbridge.  Another Friday night without a care. Out of the six of us, I was the only one working. The others were all still in High […]