Ungagged Fiction


[CN: Nazi atrocities, revenge] Sandra Webster This story originally appeared in The University of Glasgow’s Creative Writing Showcase, issue 26   Gunter Hollinger had many regrets in his life. He had never married nor had children, he had seen little of the world apart from his corner of it. Now nearing the end of his life […]



  Corridors and doors; strip-lighting; more corridors; fast-walking, important walking. Blake was escorted at top-speed. Blake was on his way to see God. They led him into a bullet-shaped capsule then followed him in… Whoosh of doors. The windows were tinted thus Blake could not see out. He knew they were travelling at great speed […]

Ungagged Fiction


Sara sat in the clinic. She looked at the pretend smiling faces and their intake of Breathe  as they realised her class. She had grown up with this, it had became law when she was a baby. The smell depended on your designated class. This had affected her all her life. Her teachers, her classmates […]

Ungagged Fiction

A Gift Comes Calling…

This story also appears on Neil’s blog As the scientists looked at each other in disbelief, outside their Lower Withington building across the street, Corey stood up, turned his head from side to side, stretched and took his first tentative steps in the 31 years he had been on planet earth.No one had ever wanted […]

Ungagged Fiction


The sky is low and grey and wet today. I walk as fast as my middle aged legs will take me towards the warmth of the overcrowded train, meeting no-one’s eye from the moment I leave my warm, tidy flat. Last night I watched TV as I do every night. It doesn’t entertain me. I […]