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News, Articles and Opinion The MSM, The SNP, and the Yes movement Baby boxes Dealing With Twitter Trolls Women’s Representation in the Independence Movement Why People Need to Stop Claiming Indyref Was Rigged Two Child Cap To be or Not to be Friends with a Tory Rollercoaster of UK politics Brexit Debacle: Independence Referendum Soon […]


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News, Articles, and Opinion  For Once the System Worked – And The Right are Furious About It Scotland’s Response to Katie Hopkins’ Hate Hollywood Director brought down by the Alt-right and his own stupidity New Blow to SAP as National Secretary Resigns From Party Reviews Reflections on Poverty Safari  Please follow and like us:


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  News, Articles and Opinion   We don’t need a monument to Margaret Thatcher, we’re living in one Oooh Jeremy Corbyn…Poorly Paid Agency Workers Aren’t Just Migrants What does Pride mean to me? There ain’t no party like a Brexit Party, unless you’re a homosexual or an immigrant Please follow and like us:

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Who Are More United?

  Recently the Scotland in Union organisation hit the headlines with a major information leak to independence bloggers such as Wings Scotland and Bellacaledonia and even the unionist These Islands got a little press coverage when a member of its advisory council, Professor Nigel Biggar, got into a row about his defence of the British […]