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The Feltham Masterplan

I can’t believe it that I’m having to fight, For something that belongs to me by right. We just don’t rent or set up any where , We aren’t gypsys we’re showman from the fair! We work long hours come rain, blow or snow, We don’t get much time off either you know. But that […]



  Just think of all those hours where You weren’t ill, weren’t lost or heartbroken Weren’t unhappy, weren’t distressed Nor tortured with words, spoken or unspoken   When you were going about your business as usual. Distractedly, maybe, bored, barely awake, But not in pain, unhappy, feeling desperate Or wracked with self-doubt, or shattered by […]


They Tried To Bury Us

It started underground In the dark A fluttering of awareness A pulsing heartbeat A distant drum of war. It started underground Waiting out the cold Gathering it’s resources Biding it’s time Waiting for its moment. It started underground Until conditions were ripe, Then everything exploded; The rush for the light Breaking into the sun Claiming […]



  The inky dark December sky outside is punctured Holed by a luminous moon, cold and full and bright. But inside, there are three candles and eleven tea lights burning There is peace, there is warmth, there is complete quiet.   Shifting currents below the surface are heralding something good An almost imperceptible sense of […]



You can’t run away from ghosts. They’re too sly for that. They slip and slide after you, seeping through cracks In your consciousness. That grey silence just before dawn Where your fears rush in and create a gap? That’s their favourite place. Their space.   Throw yourself into your work. Go on. Add hours to […]


Vampire Limousine

  We are people of the world you and I Literally we are of this world Though the makers of this world despise us -We eat unremarkable food and agonise from time to time over the price of a piece of fillet steak Or some of us learn to content ourselves with non-nutritious chemical substitutes […]



I’m your master set in alabaster And though my self-aggrandising policies Are laundered and spun-dry through media machines There are always certain aspects that require The old distraction or filibuster schemes And if resistance hits my purse And the worse comes to the worse Then dare you even mention The tried and trusted strategy of […]