Victoria Pearson Writing

  News, Articles and Opinion Battle of Backwater Bridge Mayhem in England The Tories Go Full Fash GE17: The Brexit Distraction Judge Tories on their Record Foodbanks are for Life, not just for Christmas  Universal Chaos V’s Fee, East Kilbride Yes, and Manels Justice For Terrell Free Jaggi Now Weaponising Fragility  Women on Top?   […]


Letters to my Comrades I

Those we need now are warrior artists, poets with the hearts of urban guerrillas, who know how to create and fight in equal measure; who understand Che’s dictum that revolution is an act of love; who can also use Musashi’s teaching that the pen/brush must be held in balance with the sword. For we are […]


Hot Desk

Hot desk, commandeered, I’ll man you like a cannon on a flight deck, folding, or a guard to take over as hours itch like busbies overheating. Hot desk – I make my slow beginning, dispersing fast food discarded by another facing down the jaws of a deadline. Shared PC – you’re sluggish this lunchtime so […]



  Perimeters work at my innards from the edge – of sodium shrubs and the lit-up hedge of the morbid peripheral road. Perimeters wrap sick halos above them, around them silent snow’s undercut by the hum of a huge freezer. Perimeters stab barbed embroidery on faded fabric of undone ordinary outskirts while concentric circles of […]