Perimeters work at my innards from the edge – of sodium shrubs and the lit-up hedge of the morbid peripheral road. Perimeters wrap sick halos above them, around them silent snow’s undercut by the hum of a huge freezer. Perimeters stab barbed embroidery on faded fabric of undone ordinary outskirts while concentric circles of […]



Is it just me or does the shit seem to flow one way? Holy Thursday into Black Friday And who’ll clear out the gutters in your 2.3 million pound terraced house in Peckham Rye? You know, when push comes to shove. Maundy Monday and someone let a fart go on the cattle-train transporting us from […]


Fuck You very Much

(Written for Memorial Day 2015.)   to all those whose idea of patriotism is sending out young people to die trying to kill other young people trying to kill them: FUCK YOU. to all those more concerned with the profits and interests of corporations than the cost of permanent war on individual humans and societies […]


Silence Like A Roar

This is for all of those among us who knew the world was strangely out of synch And despite that fact still tried to find a way to love, to live, to think It’s for those who sought to see beyond and were dismissed and made unsure Yet still identified the sickness and gifted us […]



First published 1994/1995 nero sits in his white house eating big macs and playing the sax while adolf in munich dances a jig rachel stands alone forsaken by the world weeping for her children like an audience at the coliseum watching gladiators fight the world waits for her children to die with pilate we wash […]


Chuck Hamilton Writing

News, Articles and Opinion Rise Up And Abandon The Creeping Meatball  Remember Ronald Reagan Bisexuality, From A Bisexual Jesus – Guilty as Charged The Union Is Dissolved  (Or Soon Will Be) The Meaning of Life, Part 1: Cosmic Perspective The Meaning of Life, Part 2: Ain’t no Power In the ‘Verse The Meaning of Life […]


On Poetry

  I have been writing now in earnest for around 25 years. I started writing TV and film scripts, and then moved to playwriting before – a little over a year ago – I found myself inexplicably returning to poetry (where in truth it all began) – this time, however, I found I had a […]


Drunk Uncle Trump

He rants and he raves And he waves his finger Just like your drunk uncle (Although he’s a better singer) He’d like to deport everyone And build a big wall He doesn’t see a single Problem with that at all He’ll try  and grab your pussy With his tiny orange hands How is he close […]


So What, If

So What, If What if you’re told you can’t, when you know you can When you’re still in the running not an also ran Start off last and end up first The party’s last balloon to burst To be full of intention but put down when you try Yet stand straight back up and throw defiance in […]