Women on Top?

Those of you who follow me on Twitter will have seen me tweet this headline from The Spectator: With the words “is this real life?” so I apologise if this feels like I’m going over old ground for some readers, but I do feel like this sort of headline is harmful on a number of […]


They Tried To Bury Us

It started underground In the dark A fluttering of awareness A pulsing heartbeat A distant drum of war. It started underground Waiting out the cold Gathering it’s resources Biding it’s time Waiting for its moment. It started underground Until conditions were ripe, Then everything exploded; The rush for the light Breaking into the sun Claiming […]


Another Revolting Peasant

Don’t look the homeless man in the eye Hold your chin up as you walk by Just another revolting peasant Trying to get some free pay They’ve all got jobs and houses anyway Foodbank collectors, scrounging again Why should you pay for society’s drains? Just another revolting peasant Trying to get a free meal Don’t […]

Ungagged Podcast

GE2017: Kick Out The Tories

  Available FREE on iTunes and Podbean On this Pre-Election special, we’ll have Derek Stewart Macpherson with the first part of his Spin Cycle series, John McHarg talking about voter choice, Richie Venton on the choices socialists are facing in this election, and we’ll be hearing from Nick Durie about how this election proves the YES […]


Foodbanks aren’t just for Christmas

If you’re a regular reader of Ungagged, you’ll remember that we asked you to  donate to your local foodbank during our Activist Advent campaign, and you didn’t let us down: the Trussell Trust received over 13 tonnes of food donations last December. This week, however, Ungagged became aware of a desperate shortage of food at […]


Mayhem in England

If you were to glance at the front pages today, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was a bit of a slow news day in England, dominated as they are by stories about the class action suit against VW and the shocking story that we might experience some snow this January. To glance at the […]