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Battle of Backwater Bridge

  The situation in North Dakota took a significantly more sinister turn on Sunday, as militarised security personnel began to attack unarmed water protectors with water cannon, tear gas, rubber bullets, and concussion grenades. In a move condemned by both the UN and Amnesty International, water cannon were deployed against unarmed peaceful protesters, including elders […]


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Drunk Uncle Trump

He rants and he raves And he waves his finger Just like your drunk uncle (Although he’s a better singer) He’d like to deport everyone And build a big wall He doesn’t see a single Problem with that at all He’ll try  and grab your pussy With his tiny orange hands How is he close […]

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Finding God

    You mean I never told you how I found God? What, never? You won’t believe me anyway. I mean, I wouldn’t. Oh you still want to know? Ok, here’s what happened. It was a few years back and I was on a road trip. Sheila had left me a couple months before and […]


Inside Your Mind

Inside your mind I want to wear your mind for a day, walk the world your different way. I want to feel sounds with your skin, to taste the colours and the noise , and the chaos all around, feel it knotting and winding inside, and overtaking all. Feel my tongue tie to my mouth, […]

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Victoria Pearson

Victoria Pearson is a writer and mum of four who lives behind a keyboard in Bedfordshire, England. Having always wanted to be a writer, V started to think it was an achievable dream when she wrote and edited a feature for the Guardian when she was 17. Following that, she appeared live on the Richard […]