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Peace, Cigarettes and Conspiracy…

Peace, Cigarettes and Conspiracy…

The collective talk poverty, conspiracy, propaganda and Syria on the latest Ungagged episode, Peace, Cigarettes and Conspiracy…

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The G Word

The G Word

Debra Torrance takes a thoughtful look at both sides of the current debate around the Gender Recognition Act. [read more]


Ursula K Le Guin- A Personal Tribute

Ursula K Le Guin – A Personal Tribute

Derek Stewart Macpherson pays tribute to the late, great Ursula K. Le Guin [read more]


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For Once the System Worked- and the Right are Furious About it


For Once The System Worked – And The Right are Furious About It

David McClemont talks about why the Richard Osborn-Brooks case was handled well by the police and CPS, despite what the Right wing press would have you believe.[read more]


No Place Like Home – But Where is Home When You Are On wheels?

No Place Like Home But Where Is Home When You Are On Wheels? 

Debra Torrance discusses the cultural significance of the Showmen and the threat they currently face from their local council [read more]


Power: A Winter’s Tale

Power: A Winter’s Tale by Derek Stewart Macpherson

I want to talk to you about power. Not political power, or entrenched patriarchal power, but the everyday kind you get from the socket in the wall…[read more]


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Resilience by Neil Scott

As featured on the You, Me and the Digital Revolution podcast, Neil Scott tells a heartbreaking story of a child learning to be resilient [read more]


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They don’t

Or can’t

Or simply won’t believe

That their system of order is breaking down now around their ears

[read more]



Ungagged Cuppa Minutes

Ungagged Cuppa Minutes – Sharon Martin

Only got 5 mins for a coffee break? No problem! Check out our 2 minute interview with…Sharon Martin


Competition Corner

Writing Competition Results

Getting Ungagged contributors to agree is like herding feral cats through a rainstorm, but our panel of judges have finally agreed on a winner for our Winter Short Story Competition [read more]


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