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A Snapshot of 2021 by Val Waldron

‘Alexa give me a snapshot of 2021 without mentioning Covid’  Can I help? All of the events below were of course shot through with Covid, antivaxxers, restrictions, opposition and media undermining of the Scottish Government health message, oh, and big shouty businesses. It didn’t stop the world from turning though! In Search of Q We […]

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Holyrude Ungagged Episode 2.6 – Poppyroni Pizza Pod

David (Twitter: @DavoMc82), Debra (@HeathPeaPict) and Brian (@WeeSociologist) discuss the latest events in Scottish and UK politics NEWS – Reflections on COP26 – MP Second Jobs Scandal – Transphobia in the UK – Poppy Fascism Music by @HippyMusic Art by @HeathPeaPict And Scott McDonald (@Scott_eff) Gives his REASONS FOR INDEPENDENCE