Poetry Page

Left views are not only communicated by podcasts or written articles. Both mediums require creativity but can in some ways be fleeting. One medium that can last forever is the creation of poetry.

Poet Robert Frost is quoted saying “Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.”


The War in Black and White by Val Waldron

Some thoughts for Remembrance day




You’re Muted

Val Waldron takes a sinister trip to 2020



The Dance

Linda Devlin uses a Dance metaphor to describe the change in Mood Music from everyday life to fascism. [Read More]


The People’s Palace. A Cathedral


Muriel Baker’s poem about Glasgow museum The People’s Palace. [Read More]


I’m a scrounger

Debra Torrance in this You Tube video performs her spoken word piece. She starts by talking about her first jobs, go watch and see where it goes from there. She performed it at meetings for the Scottish Indyref in 2014 but says it’s still relevant today. [Watch on You Tube]