And now, as we all anticipated The Eton/Oxford frat-boys Pass through the historic heraldic gates And line up to be ennobled by the figure-headed head of state -She’ll raise the blade As they bow their brylcreemed heads For services rendered Rendered, surrendered, put out to tender Tenderised and privatised A job well done, stealthily accomplished […]

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Mara Leverkuhn

Far away in Oriental Europe, there was a castle and in that castle I was born. Confiscated by the communists at gun point, left to rot and turned into “social housing”. Hello, Romania. The glory of the event was unmatched by the land, as a black and white reality welcomed me–a tyranny that feared not […]

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Victoria Långstrump

Victoria Långstrump is a Karelian folk singer-songwriter. Born in born October 1988, Victoria started write her songs at early age, when she was 14. Her music is inspired by Russian North, beat generation ideas and awareness of lost time. Every day, after she finishes working in flower shop, she comes home, takes her guitar and […]

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Battle of Backwater Bridge

  The situation in North Dakota took a significantly more sinister turn on Sunday, as militarised security personnel began to attack unarmed water protectors with water cannon, tear gas, rubber bullets, and concussion grenades. In a move condemned by both the UN and Amnesty International, water cannon were deployed against unarmed peaceful protesters, including elders […]


Letters to my Comrades I

Those we need now are warrior artists, poets with the hearts of urban guerrillas, who know how to create and fight in equal measure; who understand Che’s dictum that revolution is an act of love; who can also use Musashi’s teaching that the pen/brush must be held in balance with the sword. For we are […]

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Looking Backward…

  On this equality themed episode we have Debra Torrance speaking about the iniquity of lack of action on tax avoiders and the punitive measures on the sick and disabled, Julie Bindel talking about surrogacy, Amber Daniels discussing gender inequality and a confession from Victoria Pearson. Tommy Ball tells us his Reasons to be Fearful, Chuck Hamilton […]