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Open Letter to Scottish Political Parties

Open letter to the political parties of Scotland about the increasingly hostile political environment in Scotland towards our 19,000+ trans siblings.

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“After 14 years of Tory governments that have sustained themselves through traditional divide-and-rule tactics and the new ‘culture war’ politics developed by Trump’s Republican Party, this UK General Election has seen J.K. Rowling remind Keir Starmer on Twitter that her support depends on him agreeing with her “gender critical” stance – and in response Starmer equivocates and seeks an audience with the billionaire who described the tiny and vulnerable trans community as “the Gender Taliban.”

In Scotland, on the periphery of politics, the reactionary parties of Alba and others allow bigots a platform alongside actual far-right groups vying for votes – legitimising right-wing ideology. And within the biggest Scottish political party, the SNP, the voices of bigotry go unchecked in some sort of wheesht for a broad church. The Deputy First Minister has spoken to the media of her support and admiration of J.K. Rowling.

The attacks on David Tennant and the support for J.K. Rowling’s increasingly hateful messaging by a small group of politicians from within the SNP should be condemned – and would be, by a party unafraid to fight prejudice and hatred head-on.

As members of the independence movement, Left Ungagged outright condemns the anti-LGBT+ rhetoric deployed by Rowling, Forbes and Cherry, et al. There can be no place in a principled movement fighting for a fair country in a fair world for the singling out of a community that suffers attacks, hatred, and prejudice on a scale that has become life-threateningly toxic. Physical attacks on the LGBT+ community have skyrocketed since these people have been platformed by mainstream politics. Bigotry kills – and IS killing people in the UK.

We, the undersigned, want mainstream parties – and in particular those who deem themselves as progressive, such as the SNP and Labour – to take action regarding those pouring oil onto a far-right culture war that has led to the harm, murder, and suicides of people who are part of a vulnerable, disparate community. Instead, these parties should be offering support and standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the LGBT+ community.

The SNP in particular represents our movement within council chambers, and at Holyrood and Westminster. We call on them to sanction (withdraw the whip/suspend pending investigation), and if necessary expel, members and representatives who amplify, embolden and platform harmful views.

We implore all political parties to commit to: improving trans healthcare, including for young people; a trans-inclusive ban on conversion practices; the implementation of Scotland’s progressive gender recognition reforms; and the defence of LGBT+ inclusive education.”


Connor Beaton, Radical Independence Campaign, personal capacity

Steph Paton, Writer
Neil Scott, Ungagged Team.

Bex Glen, Scottish Green General Election candidate for Kilmarnock and Loudoun.

Keri Coull, LGBT ally for a better future.

India Willoughby, Broadcaster

Kirsty Miller, Chair of the Scottish National Committee of Equity

Adam O’Brien, actor,

Nariese Whyte, Scottish Greens candidate for Alloa and Grangemouth

Nuala Dickson, Student.

Iris Duane, Scottish greens candidate for Glasgow North; Activist.

Jen Bell, Scottish Green Parliamentary Candidate, Paisley and Renfrewshire North

Ryan Kelly, co-convener of the Scottish Greens Trade Union Group

Iona Soper, (she/her) campaigner for radical democracy

Sophie Molly, independent candidate for Aberdeen South.

Heather Herbert, Activist for bodily autonomy.
WMM Ungagged Team
Damien Donnelly, Teacher.
Dawn Wilson (teacher)
David Dick (teacher)
Hazel Simpson, Ellon.
Mike Moss, Yes Southside

Robin June, Engineer Edinburgh

Alison Buck; Ally.

Siobhan Craig, Entertainer and Equality Activist
Nichola C., Aberdeen.
Amber Rowan Roberts, Edinburgh, SNP Member
Samantha Hay, Angus.

Kenneth Erskine (teacher)

Val Waldron, Ungagged Team.

Nel Scroggie (The Barefoot Backpacker), Non-Binary Activist

Alexander Parker, non-binary foster care leaver.

Niall Christie, Scottish Greens candidate for Glasgow South

Eóghan Macmillan, Perthshire, SNP Member, Out for Indy (personal capacity)

Nariese Whyte, Scottish Greens candidate for Alloa and Grangemouth

Mx Gregor Murray, retired Cllr, Dundee
Pam Currie (Teacher)
Kelsey-Ann Cadlow (Teacher)
Kevin McIsaac-Stevenson (Teacher)
Sye Kasim (Teacher)
Josie Hervey (Teacher)
Johnothon Anderson (Teacher)
Thomas Alexander Colquhoun (teacher)
David McClemont, Ungagged Team
David Thomas, Trans ally and retired LGBTiQ+Campaigner
Lilith Lucidae, Edinburgh
Hannah Nicholson FRSA – Writer

Fiona Robertson, Equalities Consultant.
Scott Macdonald, Activist.
Tabitha Cole, Aberdeen
Charlotte Lunn, Edinburgh
KD Smith, Third Sector Development Adviser.

Lee Martin, LGBT+ Activist

Debra Torrance, Ungagged Team.
Neil Anderson, Ungagged Team

Stuart Forbes, Environmental/Social Justice Campaigner

Michelle Phythian, Interim Power BI Consultant.

Natasha Cervantes (teacher)

Dom Miller-Graham (LGBTQ+ activist) 

Peter Barlow, retired drama teacher & dramatherapist; Scottish Green Party activist.

Parent of trans daughter.

Ren Bell, Stockton West

Minerva Rae White, Hereford, Green Party of England and Wales member

Emma Walker, Campaigner for a safer politics

Steff Lee, South Lanarkshire

Gemma Clark

MJ Brocklebank

Sinéad Collins

Angela Caitens

Allan T. Fife, LGBT+Ally

Alex McRae

Karina Brahmwar

Morwen Ironside-Smith

Ashleigh Talbot

Suzanne M.

Hope Burman

7 thoughts on “Open Letter to Scottish Political Parties

  1. Why should the LGBTQIA+ community give their support to any political party when they do nothing whatsoever to curb the Homophobic, Biphobic, Transphobic, or even Racist comments by elected officials or members. Our votes should not be taken for granted, they have to be earned.

  2. As a green pro-independence activist, working for a greener fairer Scotland in an international community, I’m happy to add my name to this.

  3. I struggle with my vote and focus just now on curbing the very real threat that Labour ascendency means for all the SNP led benefits our Scottish people currently enjoy. I’m very much in lending my vote territory to the party that seems to want what I want for Scotland in the broadest sense and I pray they get their spine back after this election and do boldly champion all citizens having a fair go at living as who they are with the papers to match per the Gender Recognition Act Reform (Scotland) Bill 2022 intentions. Labour (Scotland) Branch should not be allowed to blur out their unanimous voting for that Bill. So aye I will be voting SNP but mind – I am at the limit of my tolerance now.

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