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Flavia Tudoreanu

Flavia Tudoreanu – Co-organiser of Scottish Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. I’m one of these bad Romanian immigrants you hear about from UKIP or tabloid newspapers. Keep your distance as I might be bad mouthing Trident and those backing nuclear weapons, brag about my wee daughter or even bore you to death with my crafty projects. […]

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A Tale of Two Revolutions: Russia and Iran

After Tom Perez’s “Night of the Long Knives” purge of progressives and entrenchment of centrists at the Democratic National Committee, no self-respecting leftist can hold anything for the Democratic Party but contempt. A thoroughly corrupt organization cannot be reformed, period. Capitalism cannot be reformed. Neoliberal bodies such as the EU or the UK of GB […]

Ungagged Bands

The Merry Jaynz

This guitar-centric rock band arose from many successive weeks of Friday night jams at the “Stone Manor”, former home of Susan and Tom Smith. It was suggested that the group could go out and blow minds as they were: a 3-piece band. Susan’s dependable rock-steady bass proved to be the ideal platform for Tom’s guitar […]

Ungagged Bands


Formed in MK in the summer of 2017, Indie/Rock ‘n’ Roll bringers Candidates are standing up to deliver ‘punch the air, uplifting’ songs, in a time when there is so much noise – but not enough being said! The band was created when singer/songwriter Steve Wells (formerly of The Vision, FalloW & Colony) posted a […]

Ungagged Team

Thomas Morris

Thomas Morris is probably not who he should be; he is a mix of genres and styles. He is an only child to Middle-Class parents, yet spent his early childhood on the terraced streets of Liverpool. Privately-educated yet never graduated, as even at that age he saw a University education and the lifetime of middle-management […]

Ungagged Bands

Graham Campbell

Graham was elected SNP Glasgow City Councillor for Springburn/Robroyston Ward on May 4th 2017. Previous an SSP/Solidarity and RISE member he joined the SNP after the 2016 Brexit vote. He is currently a National Council member and came 8th in the recent SNP delegate elections for the party’s NEC. He is National Campaigns Director for […]

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Sahej Rahal

Sahej Rahal’s installations, films and performances are part of a constructed mythology that he creates drawing upon sources ranging from local legends to science fiction. By bringing these into dialogue with each other, Rahal creates scenarios where indeterminate beings emerge into the everyday as if from the cracks in our civilization. Rahal’s participation in institutional […]

Neil Scott Ungagged Podcasts

Empire of Skulls

Available FREE on iTunes and Podbean The Ungagged Team talk America, Catalonia, The Tory Party Conference and Scottish Labour Leadership…   With George Collins, Liz Castro, John Andrew Hird, Ruth Hopkins, Debra Torrance, Paul Sheridan, Chuck Hamilton, Victoria Pearson, Steve McAuliffe, Red Raiph, Em Dehaney, Simone Charlesworth and Derek Stewart Macpherson, along with artist Sahej Rahal. Featuring music […]