Ungagged Editorial Team

Debra Torrance

Digital Artist, Community Activist, nature enthusiast and fan of permaculture ideology. Founding member of Ungagged, podcaster, writer, content creator.

Val Waldron

Retired mental health worker and active trade unionist. Always Yes for a Greener, nuclear free Scotland. Member of the Scottish Green Party. Involved in Community Arts projects. Writer, Editor and Publisher for Ungagged.

Neil Anderson

Trade Unionist, Political Activist, Photographer, Teacher and almost lifetime member of Scouts. Long standing member of Ungagged; interviewer, website and podcast editor.

David McClemont

Socialist. Content Coordinator for Ungagged, Host of Holyrude Ungagged Podcast. South Lanarkshire Greens, The Green Without A Bike.

George Collins

 Freelance Journalist, Broadcaster, Martial Artist, Fight Fan. Lead for Ungagged USA and programmer for Media Island International, an organization dedicated to empowering women of color in leadership.

Neil Scott

Socialist activist, Founding member of Ungagged. Podcaster, writer, content creator, cyclist.