Just think of all those hours where You weren’t ill, weren’t lost or heartbroken Weren’t unhappy, weren’t distressed Nor tortured with words, spoken or unspoken   When you were going about your business as usual. Distractedly, maybe, bored, barely awake, But not in pain, unhappy, feeling desperate Or wracked with self-doubt, or shattered by […]

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Hold the Line

Available FREE on iTunes and Podbean On this episode we’ll be hearing from Chuck Hamilton on neoliberal political organisations, Veronika Tudhope will be talking about the 60th anniversary of the CND, Debra Torrance tells us about her wee dug, pet insurance, health insurance and the NHS, and Derek Stewart Macpherson will be talking about Burns Night and Australia/Invasion Day. George Collins will be reviewing […]

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Veronika Tudhope

If Veronika were younger she’d be a New Scot. She was born in Vienna, but her Austrian parents soon moved her to Scotland ‘for a year’ …and never went home. That was back in the 60s. Veronika trained as an archaeologist and a teacher but became a campaigner. She has been active for peace, social […]



[CN: Nazi atrocities, revenge] Sandra Webster This story originally appeared in The University of Glasgow’s Creative Writing Showcase, issue 26   Gunter Hollinger had many regrets in his life. He had never married nor had children, he had seen little of the world apart from his corner of it. Now nearing the end of his life […]

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Pacesetting performance poet pilots postpunk pioneers. Members: Suky Goodfellow Vocals Performance poet, visual artist, guitarist with riot grrrl group Fistymuffs Paul Research Guitar Guitarist with Scars, first-wave punk and postpunk originators Richie Simpson Guitar Guitarist with Heavy Drapes, Twisted Nerve Coco Whitson Bass Bassist with Boots For Dancing, Gin Goblins Colin Bendall Drums Guitarist with […]

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Martin MacDonald

Martin MacDonald was brought up near the village of Plockton in the Highlands and now lives not far from there in Kyle of Lochalsh.   After gaining an electronics degree in the University of Edinburgh he started work in the BUTEC torpedo testing range near Kyle eventually becoming a Trials Technical Advisor and the Computer […]

Poetry Victoria Pearson

They Tried To Bury Us

It started underground In the dark A fluttering of awareness A pulsing heartbeat A distant drum of war. It started underground Waiting out the cold Gathering it’s resources Biding it’s time Waiting for its moment. It started underground Until conditions were ripe, Then everything exploded; The rush for the light Breaking into the sun Claiming […]