Val Waldron Writing Latest Val Waldron: A Hill To Die On Val looks to new developments that will hopefully modernise the NHS even in the face of the current crisis. Neil Scott Writing Latest My Old School… Brandon and Me Neil Scott on why the decisions Brian “Brandon Lee” McKinnon made were driven by Tory […]



Talking Sense Erin and Kat two North American women tackle a difficult job; making sense of Scottish Politics. Latest Talking Sense: Gender Recognition Reform Special Ep 3.4 #TalkingSense asked trans people what life is like in this current moment before Scottish Parliament votes on #GRR legislation. Holyrude Ungagged Weekly podcast on (mainly) Scottish Politics from […]

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A Hill to Die On by Val Waldron

“The political and media exploitation of an under-resourced NHS and the scapegoating of our Health Secretary for political gain undermines the real need for cross party work towards progress. Let’s hope that the newly formed Long-Covid Inquiry group is well intentioned. We cannot afford to take our eye off the ball when it concerns the […]