Ungagged Bands

Unqualified Nurse Band

Unqualified Nurse Band, in ethos and sound, are a force to be reckoned with. Their debut album was described as: “a cataclysmic explosion of all that has gone before, deconstructing that history before smashing it all back together in a ferocious reaction to the norm” Their second album, Trashland, has been described as mixture of  ‘Pet […]


Vampire Limousine

  We are people of the world you and I Literally we are of this world Though the makers of this world despise us -We eat unremarkable food and agonise from time to time over the price of a piece of fillet steak Or some of us learn to content ourselves with non-nutritious chemical substitutes […]

Ungagged Writing USA


My name is Em Dehaney, and I have never been to America. I’ve never been to America, but I have walked the steam-vented mean streets of New York, ridden in the yellow taxis and tasted the mustard covered hotdogs. I have gambled with gangsters and seen a city grow from the blood of immigrants, all […]