I’m your master set in alabaster And though my self-aggrandising policies Are laundered and spun-dry through media machines There are always certain aspects that require The old distraction or filibuster schemes And if resistance hits my purse And the worse comes to the worse Then dare you even mention The tried and trusted strategy of […]

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The Hidden Pod…

Available FREE on iTunes and Podbean On this “hidden” themed Ungagged we’ll hear from Em Dehaney, on the hidden hate uncovered by Brexit and Trump, Victoria Pearson will be discussing the extraordinary situation unfolding in Rojava, Syria,  Chuck Hamilton will be giving us the 4th part of his Meaning of Life series, George Collins will be talking about the hidden culture […]

Campaigns Disarmament

Free The Trident 2

Last week Ungagged reported on the Trident 2 – pensioners Brian Quail and Angela Zelter who were jailed for peacefully protesting the Trident WMDs held in Scotland. We at Ungagged are increasingly concerned for the health and wellbeing of Brian and Angela, and will be sending them a letter of support today. The undersigned are […]

Campaigns Disarmament

Pardon the Peaceful Protestors

Scottish pensioner, 79 year old Brian Quail has been jailed for protesting Scotland’s illegal nuclear weapons. Retired Latin teacher and grandfather, Brian was arrested outside the UK Trident nuclear weapon storage facility at Coulport, along with 66 year old Angela Zelter, founding member of Trident Ploughshares. Sam Donaldson,29, a community worker from Hull, Almudena Izquierdo […]