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Two Child Cap

Last week Tory MSP Michelle Ballantyne sparked a furore – and a rather magnificent speech from Tom Arthur MSP – by expressing support in the Scottish Parliament for the two child benefit cap, saying that “It is fair that people on benefit cannot have as many children as they like while people who work and […]

Ungagged Team

Sue Sparks

Sue has been around left politics since she was a student at the LSE in the 1970s, during which time she was also involved in the antifascist movement against the National Front. After more than a decade as a trade union activist in Fleet Street, a period which included the miners’ strike and the Wapping […]

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Brexit Protest

Scottish nationalists and supporters of independence turning their noses up at the pro-EU protest in London for having Union Jacks and containing political figures and forces that are hostile to our own cause and principles might want to think more carefully before denouncing them. The outer layer of a political movement always reflects its political […]