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North East communities must lead Scotland’s Just Transition 

This last July saw the 34th anniversary of the Piper Alpha disaster, in which 167 people needlessly lost their lives. Workers on two nearby platforms, Claymore and Tartan which pumped to Piper Alpha, could see that the platform they were pumping to was alight. But they had been told never to shut off the oil […]

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Bad Hair and Bad Faith by Val Waldron

Populism is all pervasive. It’s amusing…has bad hair and tin-foil hats. It has the Flat Earth Society, Covid Deniers and Chemtrails. It also radicalises people to think that transphobia is about women’s rights, that the pandemic is over, that vicious deportation policies are about targeting people smugglers, that the French and other foreigners are responsible […]

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Holyrude Episode 3.8 – The Illusion of Democracy

David McClemont (Twitter: @DavoMc82), Debra Torrance (@HeathPeaPict) and Brian Finlay (@GeriHalloween) discuss the latest events in Scottish and UK politics NEWS – Latest in the Tory Leadership contest – UK feels the effects of climate change – Ex SNP MPs stage parliamentary protest – Another bad week for Keir Starmer Music by @HippyMuzic Art by […]

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Holyrude Episode 3.7 – “Man Who Shouts At Cars”

David McClemont (Twitter: @DavoMc82), Debra Torrance (@HeathPeaPict) and Scott McDonald (@Scott_Eff) discuss the latest events in Scottish and UK politics NEWS o Indyref2 Date & Strategy revealed o Education Minister gives the public the finger o Boris Johnson resigns as Tory Leader o Who Will be the next Prime Minister? You can find all our […]