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The National Health -Curing The Walking Dead

  Available FREE on iTunes and Podbean   On this episode of Ungagged we will be hearing from Victoria Pearson, Red Raiph, Debra Torrance, George Collins, and Nick Durie on the subject of national health, Dr Bruce Scott on free association, and Eric Joyce on bad chemicals. We’ll have Neil Scott with a piece called “Happy 40th Birthday 2000AD, some of your dystopian characters […]

Ungagged Team

Nick Durie

Nick is a socialist in his thirties who lives in Maryhill, Glasgow. Most of the political work he has done has been around housing and community issues. He is a trained community organiser, and worked professionally for London Citizens on their housing campaign throughout 2010-2011. Over the years his work has helped to save a […]

Ungagged Team

Steven Purcell

Steven is the former Labour Leader of Glasgow City Council. (2005-2010) Steven is one of the few recognisable faces of Labour who backed a Yes vote in Scotland’s 2014 Independence Referendum. Convener of Development & Regeneration(1999 – 2003) and then appointed Convener of Education for the City (2003 – 2005). As Leader of Scotland’s largest […]

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Defences are an alternative metal quintet from Herts, UK “…these guys have nailed the music behind her with hook-laden choruses, melodic and groove-ridden guitars and awesome beats and production flourishes here there and everywhere. Go check them out now, I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed! – Elliott Stubbings, TKTwords “Into awesome new metalcore, similar […]

Ungagged Bands

The Eastern Swell

  THE EASTERN SWELL are: LAINIE URQHUART: VOCALS & TAMBOURINE CHRIS REEVE: GUITAR & VOCALS NEIL COLLMAN: BASS & VOCALS ANDY GLOVER: DRUMS & PERCUSSION Some bands appear to arrive fully formed from the off. All their influences, musical stylings and concepts are in place, the flaws ironed out, right through to the final execution […]

Ungagged Bands

Those Unfortunates

Those Unfortunates are a London four-piece who write songs aiming for the wit and warmth of The Kinks, Television Personalities and Syd Barrett. The Servant/Saturday is their fourth single proper, and their second for Stereogram Recordings. On The Servant, they visit another of their favourite themes – drawing from the Harold Pinter-screenplayed, Joseph Losey-directed film […]

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St Christopher Medal

When the Scotpop 4-piece Life With Nixon signed off for good in August of 1998 at Sleazy’s in Glasgow, it seemed like the end of something special. Time had run out on Britpop – too many bands, not enough ideas. Getting less young and less stupid, time had also run out on the Nixon’s own […]