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Ungagged! presents:

Richie Venton on the lessons of the Miners Strike – 40 Years on…

 Ungag the Choons!

 Ungag the Choons! – Season 1 – Ep 2 – “First People.”



Ungag the Choons! – Season 1 – Ep 1 – “It’s sugar coated, it’s accepted…”

Neil Scott (@nwScotty) talks about a song that helped radicalised him as a teen in Troubles torn Northern Ireland.

Holyrude Ungagged – Season 6 Ep 12 – “The End of Year One”

A collection of unhinged rants from David (@davomc82) about Keir Starmer, Elgin Marbles and Racist Immigration Rules interspersed with chats with Val Waldron (@valscribbles) and Connor Beaton (@cdbeaton) about 2023 becoming 2024.

Music: Hippy @hippymuzic

Holyrude Archive HERE

Ungagged Presents: Worldbeat with George Collins.

Worldbeat With George Collins – George interviews Kathleen Siminyu Parts 1 and 2

Joining George Collins on WorldBeat is Kathleen Siminyu. Ms. Siminyu is an AI Researcher who focuses on Natural Language Processing for African Languages. She works at The Mozilla Foundation as a Machine Learning Fellow and prior to that was the Regional Coordinator of AI4D Africa. She has vast experience as a community organizer having co-organised the Nairobi Women in Machine Learning and Data Science community for three years. Part 1 – link to part two on page.

Worldbeat Archive HERE

RiC Meets SNP Socialists

Brilliant conversation from two progressive Scottish socialists and regular Ungagged contributors; Connor Beaton RiC & Graham Campbell SNP Cllr. Independence and the left. This is a discussion all serious Scottish lefties need to listen to. What kind of Scotland are WE fighting for?

Short Pod: Raging Not Hating, by Val Waldron

Short pod version of Val’s superb piece: Val differentiates between the feelings of rage and anger that drive us forward to effect change, and the gathering clouds of hatred that threaten to destroy us. See below for written version.

Ungagged Scottish Independence Special!

With contributions from our own Val Waldron (Twitter: @scribblingval) and David McClemont (@DavoMc82), plus the Scottish Green Councillor, Martha Wardrop (Twitter: @MarthaWardrop), David Peutherer of Scottish CND (Twitter: @scottishCND), SNP Councillor Graham Campbell (Twitter: @ceeGraham1) and a view from the USA from our George Collins – All held together (and edited by) Neil Anderson (@BikerNeil).

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Latest Writing

Hoyle’s Hubris and the Hackery of the Britpol Old Firm… by Willie Millar’s Moustache

A Charter for Transphobes – By Damien Donnelly

“With soaring hate crime rates… the real danger is not from treating trans people the way they wish to be treated.”

Dreaming in Green – By Val Waldron

Not a week goes by in Scottish politics when the decision to vote No in 2014 does not rear its ugly head.

Do You Embrace the Era of Genocide? – By Sam Hamad 

Sam Hamad’s interpretation of the current situation in the middle east.

Independence And The Cost Of Westminster Crisis – By Mhairi Hunter

The SNP team at the Rutherglen and Hamilton West count

In the wake of the Rutherglen & Hamilton East by-election, SNP conference delegates prepare to meet in Aberdeen.

In My Booze Induced Delirium, I’ve Come Up With Plan B For Indy… – By Willie Miller’s Moustache

Willie Miller’s Moustache shares his drunken plans for gaining independence.

Indyref Anniversary – By Val Waldron

Val Waldron discusses the situation nine years on from the independence referendum.

Don’t Vote Labour – By David McClemont

David McClemont discusses the disappointing seeming return to the era of New Labour under Starmer and Sarwar.

The Queue – By Val Waldron

Val Walrdon remembers the death of the Queen and the devotion shown by her loyal subjects.

Autoimmunity Within the Independence Movement – By Val Waldron

The obstacles to our independence are not all about media-led rabid unionism, or floating voters. By Val Waldron.

Back to School – By Scott Bevan

Poetry. The end of the summer means young people head “Back to School”.

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