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Neil Anderson @BikerNeil hosts with Val Waldron @scribblingval and Brian Finlay @WeeSociologist.
This week’s topic starters;
1) Indy Ref 9th Anniversary & SNP conf motion,
2) Highest Scottish population ‘ever’! And Scots views on immigration,
3) Fergus Ewing MSP & SNP/SGP BHA – acronym heaven 🙂
4) Helix Park – Falkirk 10th Anniversary – Kelpies & tourism

Holyrude Archive HERE

Talking Sense with Iona Fyfe. Episode 4.1

After a brief hiatus, Kat and Erin are joined by guest co-host Iona Fyfe for a new Pride Month episode. Discussions include the recent Out For Indy (OFI) conference, speaking Scots and the important role that political music has in the campaign for Scottish independence.

Talking Sense Archive HERE.

RiC Meets SNP Socialists

Brilliant conversation from two progressive Scottish socialists and regular Ungagged contributors; Connor Beaton RiC & Graham Campbell SNP Cllr. Independence and the left. This is a discussion all serious Scottish lefties need to listen to. What kind of Scotland are WE fighting for?

Holyrude Special – Our Republic rally Wed 5th July

Pictures, Vox Pops & Video (Patrick Harvie & Graham Campbell’s speeches) from the rally. Click the link on the title.

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Latest Writing
The Queue

Val Walrdon remembers the death of the Queen and the devotion shown by her loyal subjects.

Autoimmunity Within the Independence Movement

The obstacles to our independence are not all about media-led rabid unionism, or floating voters. By Val Waldron.

Back to School by Scott Bevan

Poetry. The end of the summer means young people head “Back to School”.

I support the SNP, but it’s time for them to step up

Sam Hamad explores what the SNP should be asking all of Scotland about the state of democracy in the country.

Indybag: “Ignore the angry-for-cash and the lefty nice-but-dims, and get camping!”

“I had no fucking idea how stupid people I agreed with could be until I helped radicalise them. [Apology: Please bear with this rant. There is a proposal at the end.]”

Indybag: Fuck the Corporations and Neil Oliver

Look. I’ll get back to Scottish Independence and waving my fucking Saltire soon. But this is a fucking pollution emergency. We are all going to die, and we are going to take our children with us.”

Not my King by Val Waldron

The issue of monarchism v republicanism is not a side issue, something that can be left for later while we grapple with the economics or even the principle of self determination. It’s at the heart of the matter…

I am IndyBag: Let me introduce myself.

My friend, Philip Richard Knobinson (writes under the silly name of Prick) has invited me to write a weekly column for Ungagged as I live in and rarely leave Scotland?

Anonymity And Tragedy: Why Telling Stories Of The Asylum Seeker Is So Important By Mhairi Hunter

We knew their names, their faces, their stories. That made us feel connected to them. And that’s a key difference with coverage of refugees, who usually remain a nameless and faceless mass to us.

Aristocracy’s Ashes – the Last Coronation

P Knobinson, nazi saluting roya;s and a nazi coronation table

It all began a fortnight ago when a spidery handwritten note arrived on my doormat via a decrepit, hobbling satin dressed footman … or wheelman as he was on a capability scooter with a wonky wheel… Prick Knobinson goes Royal Nazi hunting…

Guarding The Truth: Media’s Crucial Role In Combating Misinformation And Uncritical Platforming

The media bears an obligation to thoughtfully select the individuals they spotlight and offer a platform to. Recently, numerous news platforms have emerged in the UK, each boasting fresher, more insightful contributors who’ve been absent from coverage of conventional politics thus far.

Sam Hamad On Cherry…

Justice Reform (Scotland) Bill – “We Owe It To Them To Do Better.” by Mhairi Hunter

A Stiff Kicking Into The Long Grass by Val Waldron

A short summary of the recent Stormski that we will survive

Tragic Glory By Scott Bevan

Poignant Ungagged Poetry by Scott

A Link in the Chain by Scott Bevan

With the current turmoil at the heart of the SNP one might be forgiven for thinking that the indy movement is in freefall.

The Grass was Greener by Val Waldron

As for the grass roots, we pull out the tough old weeds and start again. Pick up our movement from where it left off.

Ungagged Presents: Worldbeat with George Collins.

Worldbeat With George Collins – George interviews Kathleen Siminyu Parts 1 and 2

Joining George Collins on WorldBeat is Kathleen Siminyu. Ms. Siminyu is an AI Researcher who focuses on Natural Language Processing for African Languages. She works at The Mozilla Foundation as a Machine Learning Fellow and prior to that was the Regional Coordinator of AI4D Africa. She has vast experience as a community organizer having co-organised the Nairobi Women in Machine Learning and Data Science community for three years. Part 1 – link to part two on page.

Worldbeat – George Collins interviews New Scot, Kat Cary.

Part One and Two

George interviews Ungagged founder, Neil Scott – Part 1

Part 2 – The Scottish Independence Movement.

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Short Pod: Raging Not Hating, by Val Waldron

Short pod version of Val’s superb piece: Val differentiates between the feelings of rage and anger that drive us forward to effect change, and the gathering clouds of hatred that threaten to destroy us. See below for written version.

Ungagged Scottish Independence Special!

With contributions from our own Val Waldron (Twitter: @scribblingval) and David McClemont (@DavoMc82), plus the Scottish Green Councillor, Martha Wardrop (Twitter: @MarthaWardrop), David Peutherer of Scottish CND (Twitter: @scottishCND), SNP Councillor Graham Campbell (Twitter: @ceeGraham1) and a view from the USA from our George Collins – All held together (and edited by) Neil Anderson (@BikerNeil).

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