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Wonder Women!

Available FREE on iTunes and Podbean We have a whole heap of goodies coming up for you on this International Women’s Day special episode of Ungagged. Get yourself Ungagged and let us know what you think of this episode in the comments, or on our twitter or Facebook and, if you love what we do and want to help keep us going, […]

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We don’t need a monument of Margaret Thatcher…..we’re standing in one

This article originally appeared on Brian’s blog We don’t need a monument of Margaret Thatcher…..we’re standing in one A nation of powerless workers and inequality   The name Margaret Thatcher is one that resonates with more or less every single person the UK. It is met with scoffing or near hatred by most working class and […]

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Brian Finlay

  Brian Finlay is the youngest son of a restaurant manager and council housing administrator. He was brought up in a pretty apolitical household where politics and policy were very rarely discussed. His hard working parents provided a lot of support, love and a very happy upbringing; so much so they’re Brian’s best friends as […]