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The Kara Sea

  The Kara Sea was a one-woman band; the woman in question is Glaswegian/Mancunian hybrid multi-instrumentalist and “flâneuse” (according to an early review) Sarah Bradley, who guides violins, guitars, omnichords and assorted found-sounds into songs that have been described as “Cocteau Twins-esque electronica”. After spending her formative years working as co-founder of Valentine Records, DJing, […]

Ungagged Podcasts

An Ungagged Christmas Gift For You!

Available FREE on iTunes and Podbean https://ungagged.podbean.com/mf/web/75kkij/Ungagged_Christmas_2016_Gift.mp3 In this bumper festive episode, Roy Møller interviews Stiff Little Fingers singer Jake Burns, Chuck Hamilton talks about what Jesus would be like were he around today, Red Raiph treats us to anite afor chrismas (Scottish style), and Victoria Pearson fixes the rip in the fabric of space-time […]


Twenty Four

Wow! What an advent it has been. If you’ve been following along with Ungagged’s Activist Advent, you’ve done some amazing things, raised awareness and even saved lives. It may not feel like individually you have made a massive difference but collectively we can apply pressure, raise each others voices and force change. Today’s task is […]


Death of a Vampire

  For far too long we have lived under the rule of the Parasite. For too long the Parasite has dictated to us who we are and what we are capable of. For too long the Parasite has ruled over a mental wasteland of his own creating. And in order to make us subservient to […]

Economy & Finance Health

Twenty Three

The Trussell Trust reports food bank use is at an all time high, with over a million 3 day emergency food parcels given out to families in the UK over the last year. Thirteen million people live below the poverty line in the UK, with individuals going hungry every day for a range of reasons, […]


Twenty Two

Today we are asking you to spare a thought for those who know that this will be their final Christmas, and the nurses, doctors, carers, cleaners and caterers who give up Christmas with their families to make sure that people recieve the care they deserve at the end of their lives. There are so very […]