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  If you’ve been following Ungagged for a while, you’re well aware of the UN condemned atrocities happening at the Standing Rock camp in North Dakota. Or regular contributer Ruth Hopkins has spoken to Ungagged from North Dakota in several of our podcasts (which you can find here and here), and you can read our […]

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Todays task in our activist advent calendar is to write to your MP or MSP to tell Israel to have courage and leave occupied Bethlehem and the Palestine West Bank. For extra credit, you can also write to the Israeli embassy in London. You can find your MPs contact details here and details of the Israeli […]

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It’s the first day of advent, and we are making this festive season the kindest yet! Today’s task – have a look at your MP or MSP’s voting record here.  How welcoming are they to refugees? We don’t want to be the stingy innkeepers turning away vulnerable people. We are not full. There is room at the […]