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If you’ve been following Ungagged for a while, you’re well aware of the UN condemned atrocities happening at the Standing Rock camp in North Dakota.

Or regular contributer Ruth Hopkins has spoken to Ungagged from North Dakota in several of our podcasts (which you can find here and here), and you can read our written updates, Peace Pipes vs Pepper spray by Debra Torrance and Battle of Backwater Bridge by Victoria Pearson.

You can find details of how to support the water protectors directly – via donations or by sending supplies – in the Battle of Backwater Bridge article.

Today thousands of US veterans will be joining the water protectors to form a human shield and protect the protesters from the brutality they have been experiencing. Now would be a brilliant time to remind Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier  that the world is watching how they are treating people.

You can write to Morton County Sheriff’s office at:

205 1ST AVE NW
MANDAN, ND 58554

Or call them on (001) 701-667-3330

Or leave a message about your thoughts on their Facebook page

They won’t listen to one of us – alone we are a drop of water. Together we are powerful. Together we are a raging river that can cut through rock. Get together and tell them the world is watching. Tell them that #WaterIsLife


Image by Debra Torrance

Written by Victoria Pearson 

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