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The Tory Party Conference – It’s Aw Gone Wrang!

This is an unscheduled, bonus podcast, because here at Ungagged we couldn’t just let the vile rhetoric pumping out of the Tory party conference go unanswered or unchallenged. Featuring Matt Geraghty, Debra Torrance, Victoria Pearson, Eric Joyce,  Steve McAuliffe, Amber Daniels and pulled together, as always by the inimitable Neil Scott. With music by Thee Faction with […]

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Thee Faction

Thee Faction is a co-operative, in line with the principles of Guild Socialism as laid out by GDH Cole. No one manages Thee Faction. Within Thee Faction individual workers take charge of the administration of things. Billy Brentford – Vox; Nylons – Face-Melting Guitar; Dai Nasty – The Machine; Kassandra Krossing – Vox & Pravda […]