Ungagged USA: The Trumpet Tower of Clinton Cards

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In this episode, presented by Chuck Hamilton, we focus mainly on the US Elections,  with the Native American view from Ruth Hopkins, Allan Grogan and Red Raiph giving the view from Scotland and discussions on Trump from Debra Torrance and Amber Daniels.

With John McHarg speaking about Scotland, Jagdeesh Singh on the ecological denigration of the Punjab and Eric Joyce on the anti-independence “professor” who isn’t quite what he seems…

Featuring poetry from Steve McAuliffe, fiction from Victoria Pearson and music from the Faslane Peace CampBenefit album – available from CND Scotland and from the peace camp. – call in!

With a hat tip to Neil Anderson for his work with sound effects, and Neil Scott for pulling the entire thing together.

Today we do something historical.
As a Scottish lefty media hub We are going to take NO editorial lead & allow you to make up your mind in #POTUS2016. Our contributers are going out unedited- their views- their analysis. Some agree, some don’t.
Different left views, Ungagged!
A new approach on the left. Respecting all left views and allowing them a voice. Passing no editorial judgement.
YOU decide. You hear the evidence, and if you are a citizen of the USA, you decide.

Gelvis Paisley and the Contraband

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Whats life without a wee bit o’ contraband?

With Gelvis Paisley on Guitar,vocals and moothie{harmonica}, Randy Nimrod on Bass, Rhonda Nouvelle on Piano and vocals, Marco Von Ganje on Drums, Jicki May on Guitar and Glastobob on Banjo-Dobro and Double Bass

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