Coronavirus Ungagged Writing

A Bus-Load of Hypocrisy

“If you voted Tory and stood on your doorway clapping them…! Sit the fuck down!”

This state of crisis we are in has exposed an incredible conflict in our national identity and personal responsibility as citizens.

Panic buying and hoarding reveals nothing but the utter base selfishness of those doing it, the ‘ as long as I can wipe my arse then fuck you’ attitude exposed in a huge section of our society should be a wake up call to all of us.

We should analyze our need, our greed and our reaction to this situation and how we ended up here. Simply put, it’s now a roll of toilet paper that’s far more important than the Porche sitting in the garage that gets driven 3 times a year or the 40 inch flatscreen , those perfect abs or designer handbag.

All useless, all completely petty and secondary to the real needs in life, such as having a couple of sheets of double ply or a bag of pasta to feed your family, pesto has never been so popular and now, maybe now, we’ll understand what it’s like to be a family that has to rely on food banks for basic provisions.

Who would have known that it’s not the banks, the multinational companies, the hedge funds the ‘city talent’ on 1 million pound bonuses we really rely on.

It’s the cleaners, the checkout staff , the truck drivers, the nurses, doctors, clinicians, the wee guy, the wee woman ! The workers that deliver your food that have far more importance than these greedy vile obscenely wealthy parasites that the Tories worship.

That brings me to the main point of this dialogue! The Tories! The £350 million a week to the NHS on the side of the bus lying bastard Tories. Now standing as the bastion of social responsibility and compassion because a microscopic wee virus has come along and made the World and them realize you can’t get out of this one without mass responsibility.

The Tories, who have done nothing for anyone ever in their history below the status of wealthy now enacting the biggest act of Socialism since the implementation of the NHS !

They must be absolutely shitting themselves! As sick as dogs now they have not only revealed there isn’t a money tree!!! There’s actually a money orchard!!

With the show of strength of passion and love! actual love ! For the NHS these 4 nations of the UK showed by the National clap of appreciation  then it’s gonna be a tough sell trying to justify the continued privatization the most precious resource any single one of us will ever have, that wee virus might actually be its savior!!! The irony!!!

A final note, if you voted Tory and stood on your doorway clapping them tonight! Sit the fuck down! Your one single vote, your choice of cross in a box would have all but destroyed a vital necessity to the majority to the vast majority of these nations if it wasn’t for this virus now you see that you can use it to your advantage because you need it and now you clap it!!! Chase yourself!!!

John McHarg

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