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The Tory Party Conference – It’s Aw Gone Wrang!

This is an unscheduled, bonus podcast, because here at Ungagged we couldn’t just let the vile rhetoric pumping out of the Tory party conference go unanswered or unchallenged. Featuring Matt Geraghty, Debra Torrance, Victoria Pearson, Eric Joyce,  Steve McAuliffe, Amber Daniels and pulled together, as always by the inimitable Neil Scott. With music by Thee Faction with […]

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Allan Grogan

Allan Grogan was the founder and National Spokesperson of Labour for Independence – a pro independence organisation which campaigned from within the Labour Party from 2012-2014. A lifelong Labour supporter and member for over ten years. Allan left the party in September 2014 and joined the Scottish Socialist Party being elected to the National Executive […]

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Debra Torrance

Debra Torrance is the youngest daughter of a bookkeeper and a butcher. A late baby, her parents were preparing to become Nanna and Pops not new a mum and dad again. Debra was brought up in the east end of Glasgow and moved around Scotland from the highlands to Fife before settling in Milngavie. She […]

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Victoria Pearson

Victoria Pearson is a writer and mum of four who lives behind a keyboard in Bedfordshire, England. Having always wanted to be a writer, V started to think it was an achievable dream when she wrote and edited a feature for the Guardian when she was 17. Following that, she appeared live on the Richard […]

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Neil Scott

Neil has been politically active all his adult life, and identified as “Socialist” after stealing a book on Marx from his (UK) state school library when he was 14. Hailing originally and loudly from County Down, he moved to Scotland in 1993 as a mature student after ten years of unsuccessfully working, mostly in pubs, […]

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#Yes2, the International Butterflies and the Screams of the Traditional Media!

Yes2, the Internationalist Butterflies and the Screams of the Traditional Media! In this episode we have Neil Scott talking about the internationalist outlook of a new Independent Scotland,  Ruth Hopkins on the plight of the Native American Water protectors in North Dakota and Amber Daniels on the Screams of the Traditional Media and Chuck Hamilton […]