Ungagged Team

Ruth McAteer

Ruth McAteer is the joint youngest, with her twin sister, of four kids. She grew up in Milton Of Campsie and now resides in her wee one bedroom bungalow in Kirkintilloch. She began working for NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde in 2001. Her first exposure to political activism was as a baby when her mother […]


Julie Bindel

Julie Bindel is a journalist, writer, broadcaster and researcher. She has been active in the global campaign to end violence towards women and children since 1979 and has written extensively on rape, domestic violence, sexually motivated murder, prostitution and trafficking, child sexual exploitation, stalking, and the rise of religious fundamentalism and its harm to women […]


Hot Desk

Hot desk, commandeered, I’ll man you like a cannon on a flight deck, folding, or a guard to take over as hours itch like busbies overheating. Hot desk – I make my slow beginning, dispersing fast food discarded by another facing down the jaws of a deadline. Shared PC – you’re sluggish this lunchtime so […]



  Perimeters work at my innards from the edge – of sodium shrubs and the lit-up hedge of the morbid peripheral road. Perimeters wrap sick halos above them, around them silent snow’s undercut by the hum of a huge freezer. Perimeters stab barbed embroidery on faded fabric of undone ordinary outskirts while concentric circles of […]

Ungagged Team

Roy Møller

Roy Moller was born in Edinburgh on 3rd July, 1963. Conceived in Toronto, adopted and raised in Leith, he attended Strathclyde University, where he won a poetry prize. He promptly put writing poems to one side for 25 years to concentrate on songwriting, singing and playing the guitar in singular dyspraxic style. A long, chequered […]