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Ms Mohammed


Ms Mohammed, aka Dana Jade, was born on the island of Trinidad, spent her teenage summers in NY, and finally moved to London Town to pursue her rock n’ roll ambitions. This unique blend of influences is evident in her music. From classic punk to riot grrrl and NYC queercore all the way to the warmth of her island roots, she isn’t afraid to fuse soca with punk, or rock with reggae, with spectacular results! Her distinctive voice makes for a rather eargasmic rollercoaster ride.

From the sultry moans of Shudder to the head splitting chaos of The End Of The Line, she thrills with subtle vibrato and heavily distorted vocal styles that will leave you breathless. Her live set is astonishingly powerful stuff, too good to miss!

Think Grace Jones in a bar room brawl with Polly Jean Harvey, egged on by the riot grrrls of Olympia, delivered with a post- punk slap to the face!


You can follow her on facebook or on twitter, Or find out more about her music on her website.

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