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Cascadia Fault Line

Cascadia Fault Line


As sure as a moonlit ocean will reflect the light and shade of a far away sphere, Cascadia Fault Line will reach you, then weave and thread into your senses.
Like an ancient story told a thousand times the songs have narratives
never complacent with a truthful journey into the core of your heart

A revolution in smooth, jazzy, dream indie sound with added fuzzy guitar greatness in this amazing Cascadia Fault Line’s Dream Wave and Indie Rock their newest front runner involving the genres has a crystal clear sound that incredibly enhances the senses. The subtle yet poignant hints of a roaring fire and flames glimmering in one’s eyes brings your imagination back to a time when fire was the mainstay of all light that brightened our nights. The Renaissance like sound and dreamy mind’s eye visages of Cascadia Fault Line’s music leaves you wanting more from this amazing three piece located in Liverpool, UK.


Find out more on Cascadia Fault Line’s Facebook page, twitter, bandcamp or on their website.

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