At the Beetle Supper

  At the Beetle Supper My ankles itch. Crack! The black shells pop like champagne corks at every table. Feeling sick, I look for cover. There’s none. Something shattered flops with six legs waving. I ask for an alternative. The waiter tells me, “No, the country’s free but this is all you get”. “Don’t argue”, […]



  Rat When it came into our cellar, the rat brought fear with it, fear that lingers even though the rat itself is long dead, poisoned by the blue pellets that we fed to it. Like the burglar that came the year before, we thought we might have glimpsed it once or twice in the […]


The King Is Mad

The King Is Mad The king is mad. The queen bears his children like a malady. It would be a simple solution, were she to eat them before they grow into their own madness. She does not. She lets them scamper about, small birds that twitter and fret in every corner of the palace. The […]


Letters to my Comrades I

Those we need now are warrior artists, poets with the hearts of urban guerrillas, who know how to create and fight in equal measure; who understand Che’s dictum that revolution is an act of love; who can also use Musashi’s teaching that the pen/brush must be held in balance with the sword. For we are […]

Ungagged Team

Philip Kane

Portrait drawn by Raiph from a photo by Grace Sanchez Philip Kane is an award-winning writer, storyteller and artist whose books include The Wildwood King(Capall Bann, 1997) and The Hicklebaum Papers (Mezzanine Press, 2010), as well as his most recent poetry collection, Unauthorised Person (Cultured Llama, 2012). A new collection of poems, The Decipherment of […]