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Scottish Leadership Debates? You’ve forced me to comment…

Labour for Independence co-founder Allan Grogan  discusses the fall out from March 30th TV debate.


The Crass Landing of The Ego by Val Waldron

Val takes an initial look at Salmond’s new Alba party, and how we must take care to scrutinise and challenge it, given its origins from ego, misogyny and grievance


The Frog Chorus Reunited

Neil Scott asks if Salmond will be joining Sheridan in the swamp of no return…

Scottish Greens Co-Convenors Turn Tables On Hapless Labour MSP

David McCelmont revels in MSP James Kelly’s self created plight.


It’s no just Nicola, they’re coming for all of us!

Sam Hamad tells us how the unionists have already started the fight for IndyRef2.


When Will it End by Val Waldron

In the light of the murder of Sarah Everard, and the violent plunder of her vigil in Clapham by the Met, Val asks looks at the grasping roots of male privilege and entitlement.

Graphic by Debra Torrance




The Media Bullshit Mountain

Neil Scott considers the current state of media reporting.



Neil Scott takes us through Scottish Socialism from 2005 when it was “the new Rock ‘n Roll” to today.


Not My Grassroots by Val Waldron

Val looks on in horror at the destruction and chaos permeating the independence movement, grossly amplified by the media and opposition



The Best Way Is Always Through by Hilary Long

As we learn more and more each day about the effects of the lockdown on Mental Health, Hilary takes us on a poignant journey through her diagnosis, experience and various treatments of Bi-Polar Disorder, and the stigma attached. She tells us that; “There is More to Me than BPD”



The Politicization of the Vaccine by Val Waldron


Val Waldron journeys through the initial euphoria of the sudden approval of the Covid 19 vaccination, to a place where we are in danger of sabotaging world-wide vaccination by greed, acquisition and competition.



Why I Joined The Greens by Chloe McDermott

In the 2nd Article by Chloe McDermott, she explains why she jumped ship from the SNP to the Greens




Impeachment by Chloe McDermott

In an unforgettable week in the final days of the Trump presidency, Chloe McDermott looks at the prospect of impeachment




The One With The Nazis by Val Waldron


On the occasion of the siege of the Capitol, Val contemplates the dark path that seems to have lead to this point




Christmas Kindness, Spreading Love, Peace and Joy by Jo Edwards

Jo appeals for kindness and tolerance as we approach 2021, after The Year From Hell. She has some concerns about expressed Transphobia though


Starmer’s Austerity Brexit

(Photo credit: PA Wire/PA Images)

{Defying the democratic will of Scotland again, Labour are hiding behind the illusion of no deal to embrace Hard Brexit Britain by Sam Hamad}


Aerosols and Arseholes by Val Waldron

Val fights her way through Bad Vibes and Big Egos as 2020 draws to a close




George Collins – Rising The need for real anti-racist accomplices in Olympia and the accomplishments of Shawna Hawk, a black woman leader in a predominately white community.


Tim Wise Visit To Olympia & Shawna Hawk


In the 2nd part of her series on Trans Rights, Jo Edwards discusses

  Section 28, GRA and Fear

Photo Credit: Ece Ak from Pexels



Trans Rights – Women’s Rights, Inseparable

On Transgender Day of Remembrance Jo Edwards challenges the politics of hate emerging from unlikely sources towards Transgender People




Failure to Plan = Planning to Fail

David McClemont warns that successive governments must be prepared for future catastrophic events on the horizon




Election 2020: The Storm Before The Storm

Amidst fears of a second American Civil War, George Collins argues that a fracturing into regional power is the more likely outcome for the United States. Progressive energy is best invested in our local and regional communities as trust in the federal state erodes.


Hubble Bubble…..

There May Be Trouble Ahead

Val Waldron looks at the ever changing political scene, in the face of Covid management and Brexit




This Is Not Over

Val Waldron takes a peek down the Rabbit Hole. What makes Covid Deniers and assorted Sceptics tick?





Reinstate Richie Venton

{Richie Venton has been sacked for representing Ikea workers… Please read, and use the links to contact Ikea, your elected representatives and sign the petition.}


Prison, Protest, & Mutual Aid: The Robert Danilczuk Story

Luke Campbell tells us about Robert Danilczuk


“Within Our Grasp,”  a response…  by Dave Coull

Within Our Grasp – a response…


Apologies, Accountability, & A Question Of Forgiveness

Luke Campbell reveals the politics behind the SQA grading fiasco.


‘Friends of Debora’: Solidarity, Capitalism, & Covid Recovery

Luke Campbell tells us the stroy of Debora Kayembe and her family.


How To Perpetuate Social Inequalities – An SQA And Scottish Government Guide

Luke Campbell on how failure of the S.Q.A. & the Scottish Government reproduce inequalities, privileges the affluent, and risks harming working class learners long term…


Binary is Blind by Mairi Jack

Beautiful Poetry by Mairi Jack questioning stereotyped uses of Black and White that contribute to institutional racism. Black Lives Matter. 


John Hume – Man of Peace.

{John Hume, Man of Peace. Ungagged reproduce a key speech Hume made in 1981 – during one of the most terrible years of the Northern Irish “Troubles.”}


The World Through A Window by Val Waldron

Val contemplates the inevitable recurrences of crises in the management of the pandemic, and how, or if we can weather them without radical political changes

                                                      Photo image by Cath Ferguson




Strange Rumblings In Scotland: Blade Runner Strikes Again

Sheridan, Carlaw, Galloway and Cherry… and escaping political journalism with the help of a Pub Landlord…


What is happening to the 45G%? by Keith MacBeath

Keith MacBeath on conspiracy theory, the working class and Scottish Independence social media…


Queer Spaces: Opportunities & Threats

Luke Campbell takes a comprehensive look, Globally and Nationally, at serious threats and dangers to the LGBQI+ communities and individuals, and how to be supportive during the Coronavirus Pandemic.


Will ‘Max The Yes’ Independence Voting Work?

Mike Moss outlines in detail the hazards of trying to game the Holyrood voting system in the 2021 elections



You’re Muted

Val Waldron takes a sinister trip to 2020





To Plan B or not to Plan B..?

{Covid-19 and Westminster Intransigence regarding a Section 30 Order… What do we do now all of the 2016 SNP manifesto circumstances for a new referendum have been met?} By Councillor Mhairi Hunter


Just Another Cog In The Wheel by Hilary Long


Hilary compares Education in countries such as New Zealand and Finland, with the UK. She finds that it’s a case of Well-Being v GDP


Fear and Loathing in Tring…

We were somewhere around Watford on the edge of up North when the drugs began to take hold…


Almost Anyone But Malky 

by Luke Campbell

Luke Campbell is concerned about the potential appointment of Malky Mackay as Dundee United manager, in light of of a history of Sexist, Racist and Anti-Semitic comments…


Luke Campbell on that Banner over Burnley F.C.

“We’re ashamed. We are embarrassed that our name was in [the message], that they tried to attach it to our club – it doesn’t belong anywhere near our club.” – Ben Mee (Burnley F.C. Captain)


The Blame Train

Val Waldron asks us to look at some of the wider issues that threaten to undermine the success of Lockdown Ending measure in Scotland and beyond


Acknowledging the Big Picture

Amber Poppitt examines current and historical contexts around racism in the UK and the Black Lives Matter campaign.

Black Lives Matter

Graham Campbell and his thoughts on the local demos and Milateresa Brown speaks about her experiences of racism in Scotland.


A Plague on All Your Houses

                            Val Waldron looks at the motivation behind the Cummings/Johnson survival pact


The only time is…

Deborah Sanderson’s 3rd part of her love story between Dan and Sweet Jeannie.


Every Street Needs A Trevor

London based journalist, Prick Knobinson on alcohol, the lockdown, and taking the air…


The Scottish Black Sheep

Latest from Beinn Irbhinn.


Where Have all The Children Gone by Hilary Long

Hilary Long looks at the many ways in which our children can slip through the safety nets of Health and Wellbeing during the Coronavirus Lock


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