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{Ungagged on Brazil and the SNP, Werner Heubeck and the Troubles, Coronavirus and Blairvadach}


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12th March – Email sent to University of Stirling giving solidarity to suspended students. {Read Here}


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Beinn Irbhinn: My Covid-19 Story


Paternalism, the new Feminism? by Suzanne Russell

{Shouty men – champions of feminism?}


Isolation Policy Too Late For Some, As Pandemic Warnings Were Not Taken Seriously

says Rachael Horwitz


A Call For Solidarity: Community Support For The Tollcross Community Action Network Amidst The Covid-19 Outbreak

Amidst the panic buying and uncertainty, many organisations continue to provide vital frontline support. Luke Campbell details Tollcross Community Action Network’s Community Hub – Foodbank partnership and praises Living Rent for rallying a major working class victory.

Luke Campbell, the author, is inspired by Paulo Freire… much as Ungagged is.


Citizens Prove That Scotland Is

A Left Wing Nation

says Scott Bevan

{Citizen’s Assembly, Scotland, February 2020}


The seed of light and Dan McPhail

By Deborah Sanderson

{Photo: Nasa.}


A Bus-Load of Hypocrisy by John McHarg

“The £350 million a week to the NHS on the side of the bus lying bastard Tories. Now standing as the bastion of social responsibility and compassion because a microscopic wee virus has come along and made the World and them realize you can’t get out of this one without mass responsibility.”




Virtual Covidity

Val Waldron reflects on the need to get us all back onto  a very different track, once we’re through the dark tunnel. Read more [here]


Covid 19 And Journalism #BuildBackBetter

“Here in China, COVID-19 has changed the conversation about journalism. We need a similar shift in attitudes back in the UK. #BuildBackBetter”… more HERE

{Beinn Irbhinn is currently living and working in China.}


Poem… plait, by Teresa Durran


Corona Life Status – by Scott S Bevan

{“…Now the wedding must be postponed. We might not even get to graduate. We can’t meet or do much pro-actively offline as a branch or as a party. I can’t do the gym thing. I can’t go on honeymoon/holiday. The pubs/clubs/weddings are all closed and cancelled so gigging’s out the window now, and it doesn’t look likely I’ll be getting a job in what I have just trained in for 4 years, (or in anything really), anytime soon, as places aren’t exactly hiring at the moment.“}


Chinese Net-Izens Shock And Anger At “Callous” UK Government

Beinn Irbhinn reports on the Chinese reaction to the UK policy of Herd Immunity…

{Chinese Unite to save all citizens…}


Culling the Herd

{Ten Years of Austerity… “nudge herd immunity strategy…” the net result will be more deaths of the most vulnerable across these islands, says Sam Hamad.}


{Val Waldron: It’s a wonder that you still know how to breathe}

{Looking into the government handling of the Corona virus outbreak.}

 “We have not given up on our future, and a progressive constitutional change in Scotland can only trigger hope and example to others” read more [here]


{Breakdown And 5 Takeaways From The Protest Movement Around The Anti-NRC/CAA Protests In India}

{Review of The Protest Movement Around The Anti-NRC/CAA Protests In India by Tejas Mukerji.}


{Harry And Meghan – The Venous Cannula Into The Putrid Corpse Of The Monarchy}

Harry and Meghan are a part of a sick, old body. Monarchy is being pumped with steroids and hemanevrin and by leeching, old, fame seeking bastards like Eamonn Holmes…


{Mhairi Hunter:  Yes 2020 – The Coming Campaign}

Image: By Stewart Bremner


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