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Holyrude Ungagged Episode 3.6 – Dead Santas

David McClemont (Twitter: @DavoMc82), Debra Torrance (@HeathPeaPict) and Kat Cary (@Kat_Cary) discuss the latest events in Scottish and UK politics


– Lizzy’s Platty Joobs

– A Return To Imperial Measurements?

– Scotrail Industrial Dispute Continues

– Boris Johnson faces Tory MP Vote of Confidence

Music by @HippyMuzic

Art by @HeathPeaPict

Edited by @HeathPeaPict

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Worldbeat With George Collins – George interviews Kathleen Siminyu Parts 1 and 2

Joining George Collins on WorldBeat is Kathleen Siminyu. Ms. Siminyu is an AI Researcher who focuses on Natural Language Processing for African Languages. She works at The Mozilla Foundation as a Machine Learning Fellow and prior to that was the Regional Coordinator of AI4D Africa. She has vast experience as a community organizer having co-organised the Nairobi Women in Machine Learning and Data Science community for three years. Part 1 – link to part two on page.

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Worldbeat – George Collins interviews New Scot, Kat Cary.

Part One and Two


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Talking Sense with Cllr Fatima Joji

This month, Kat (Twitter @kat_cary) and Erin (@seunte) were joined by Councillor Fatima Joji (@fatima_joji) at the tail end of her successful campaign.
Dont forget to get your tickets for the #ProgressToYes conference which is happening this Sunday 29th May.


Worldbeat, With George Collins…

“An Entrepreneur in Scrubs…”

Almost two years into the COVID-19 pandemic and Americans can’t seem to catch a break as new variants emerge and policy debates over lockdowns, school closures, and vaccine mandates dominate coverage. It’s pretty daunting for folks on the outside as we struggle to keep up with the breakneck pace of change, but what about the folks on the inside? Popular coverage of healthcare workers has been as hot and cold as leftover lasagna. From being hailed as essential workers and heroes to being demonized as liars and pill pushers and everything in between, it’s important to remember that these people are human. They have thoughts, feelings, and emotional responses to the crisis just like the rest of us, and today we’ll highlight one such worker’s experience in the field and the strategies being implemented to provide quality care both for their patients, and themselves. Former nurse manager and founder of Myles Parilla Consulting Myles Parilla joins WorldBeat to talk about his upbringing in the Philippines, the impact of his father’s entrepreneurial mind on his outlook towards nursing leadership, and his journey through nursing into the leadership consulting world.

The Insightful Nurse Leader podcast


Fuad Alakbarov on Kazakhstan


Ungagged Presents Worldbeat with George Collins.

George interviews Ungagged founder, Neil Scott – Part 1

Part 2 – The Scottish Independence Movement.


Short Pod: Raging Not Hating, by Val Waldron

Short pod version of Val’s superb piece: Val differentiates between the feelings of rage and anger that drive us forward to effect change, and the gathering clouds of hatred that threaten to destroy us. See below for written version.


Ungagged Scottish Independence Special!

With contributions from our own Val Waldron (Twitter: @scribblingval) and David McClemont (@DavoMc82), plus the Scottish Green Councillor, Marth Wardrop (Twitter: @MarthaWardrop), David Peutherer of Scottish CND (Twitter: @scottishCND), SNP Councillor Graham Campbell (Twitter: @ceeGraham1) and a view from the USA from our George Collins – All held together (and edited by) Neil Anderson (@BikerNeil).


Ungagged Film Club: “Starship Troopers” (1997)

David (Twitter: @davomc82), Debra (@HeathPeaPict) and Brian (@WeeSociologist) are joined by Scott McDonald (@Scott_eff) of Edinburgh Radical Independence Campaign for a SPOILER FILLED discussion of the 1997 film “Starship Troopers”.


Ungagged Interviews: Laura Bilton, BLM Edinburgh and Councillor Graham Campbell

Neil Anderson leads a conversation with Glasgow Councillor Graham Campbell and Laura Bilton of Black Lives Matter, Edinburgh on –

-the Radical Independence Conference and the way forward for indyref2.

-the non inclusion of black and BAME communities and their place in Scottish society.

– BLM and other movements for inclusion in changing societal views.

– BAME representation in elections.

Music from You Want Fox

(@youwantfox) | Twitter

with Dirty Little Damsel

(thanks to Loud Women!)

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{Latest Writing}


The UK 2022

By Anonopunk.


Escape Routes by Val Waldron

Val Waldron looks at the urgent need for independence in light of Tory Corruption


Take a Drink

A review of Darren Loki McGarvey’s first episode of his new BBC Scotland series ‘Addiction’

Part 1 Alcohol

review by Val Waldron


Connor Beaton interviews our very own, David McClemont who is Breaking New Ground…


Sue Sparks… “The Whataboutery regarding Putin of some friends is utterly depressing…”


Caring for All

Colin Turbett on Commonweal’s proposals for real, joined up care…


The Digital Picket, Covid-19, & Unending Precarity

As the #UCUstrikes get underway, Luke Ray Di Marco Campbell stressing the importance of the digital picket, draws on vital contributions from strikers across the U.K., and offers insights into the type of casualisation that shaped the #FourFights campaign.


Defend Our Betters…

By Ade Fox.


Jimmy Carr and “the Acceptable” Face of Racism…


A Whole Lot of Wind, by Guy Ingerson


A Snapshot of 2021 by Val Waldron

Val takes a look at some of the many newsworthy events from 2021, some ongoing



Jo Edwards discusses whether current discourse is really furthering the discussion of sexual violence against women.

Photo; Hannah Busing on Unsplash


No Sex (Survey) Please, we are British…

By Mhairi Hunter


Glasgow’s Beautiful Strike

By N. Scott


Glasgow Excluded Zone.

By N. Scott


CALL IT OUT! by Mhairi Hunter

Drink Spiking, rape culture and other harmful normalisation of misogyny…


Raging Not Hating

by Val Waldron

Val differentiates between the feelings of rage and anger that drive us forward to effect change, and the gathering clouds of hatred that threaten to destroy us.


‘Clackmannanshire is a Shite-hole’ by Val Waldron

Don’t judge till you’ve read it! The Indy Movement, past, present and Future in 400 word prose!


Several Frogs a boiling by Val Waldron

Another anniversary of indyref 1, and Val warns that we cannot possibly look back to recreate that initial campaign, as the political scene and the movement have changed beyond recognition.


Why I support Trans Rights – Part Two – By Mhairi Hunter

Why it is important to support minorities during a culture war… by Mhairi Hunter.


Has Labour Gone Full Tonto by Chris McCusker

Ungagged’s regular contributor Chris McCusker asks if Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer can realistically represent the views of Socialists


Obstacles to Indy by Val Waldron

Val urges us not to take our eye off the ball and stay focused on the goal of independence, and ‘Know Thy Enemy’


What and Who will take us over the Line?

Val Waldron looks beyond the reasons for leaving the UK, to the values that underpin our vision of a progressive independent nation.


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