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Holyrude Season 5 Ep 1 – Bin fires,  Bin fires Everywhere

Host David McClement @DavoMc82 with Brian Findlay @WeeSociologist and Kat Cary @Kat_Cary

– SNP Leadership Contest
– Westminster Budget
– Stop The Small Boats Bill

Holyrude 4.12 – Prepayment Meters

This episode is led by Brian with Debra & David. Last week’s question time, teacher’s pay claim and enforced changing of energy meters.

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Talking Sense: Republicanism in Scotland

Take a break from the wall-to-wall coverage of the #SNPLeadership contest and tune in to hear Kat and Erin talk about republicanism in Scotland with Connor Beaton.

Talking Sense: Gender Recognition Reform Special Ep 3.4

#TalkingSense asked trans people what life is like in this current moment before Scottish Parliament votes on #GRR legislation.

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Latest Writing

Tragic Glory By Scott Bevan

Poignant Ungagged Poetry by Scott

A Link in the Chain by Scott Bevan

With the current turmoil at the heart of the SNP one might be forgiven for thinking that the indy movement is in freefall.

The Grass was Greener by Val Waldron

As for the grass roots, we pull out the tough old weeds and start again. Pick up our movement from where it left off.

It Has to be Humza by Stephanie Melnick

“This leadership contest will make-or-break the SNP as a progressive party.”

Daniel Hannan – Corrida de Tories by Bo Ferdinand

Bo Ferdinand lifts the lid on Daniel Hannan’s obsession with bloodsports…

The Fears of a Trans Woman by Amber Roberts

“I will continue to fight and campaign for Equal Rights, even if it brings about my death,” says Amber Roberts.

The Real Lie by Ungagged Guest

“Any cis person who is still convinced that a Gender Recognition certificate would enable abusers, exploit children, fill women’s prisons with rapists, allow trans women to take all the sports medals and other ‘legit concerns’ should scroll on. Nothing will change your mind now. Let’s face it, you tuned out when you read ‘cis’.

My Old School… Brandon and Me by Neil Scott

Neil Scott on why the decisions Brian “Brandon Lee” McKinnon made were driven by Tory neglect.

Val Waldron: A Hill To Die On

Val looks to new developments that will hopefully modernise the NHS even in the face of the current crisis.

Scarlett Cannon-Geraghty: Art for Whose Sake?

Luke Ray Di Marco: Five Radical Books Coming in Early 2023


Ungagged Presents: Worldbeat with George Collins.

Worldbeat With George Collins – George interviews Kathleen Siminyu Parts 1 and 2

Joining George Collins on WorldBeat is Kathleen Siminyu. Ms. Siminyu is an AI Researcher who focuses on Natural Language Processing for African Languages. She works at The Mozilla Foundation as a Machine Learning Fellow and prior to that was the Regional Coordinator of AI4D Africa. She has vast experience as a community organizer having co-organised the Nairobi Women in Machine Learning and Data Science community for three years. Part 1 – link to part two on page.

Worldbeat – George Collins interviews New Scot, Kat Cary.

Part One and Two

George interviews Ungagged founder, Neil Scott – Part 1

Part 2 – The Scottish Independence Movement.

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Short Pod: Raging Not Hating, by Val Waldron

Short pod version of Val’s superb piece: Val differentiates between the feelings of rage and anger that drive us forward to effect change, and the gathering clouds of hatred that threaten to destroy us. See below for written version.

Ungagged Scottish Independence Special!

With contributions from our own Val Waldron (Twitter: @scribblingval) and David McClemont (@DavoMc82), plus the Scottish Green Councillor, Martha Wardrop (Twitter: @MarthaWardrop), David Peutherer of Scottish CND (Twitter: @scottishCND), SNP Councillor Graham Campbell (Twitter: @ceeGraham1) and a view from the USA from our George Collins – All held together (and edited by) Neil Anderson (@BikerNeil).

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