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Another Council Tenancy…

On the day Boris and Barnier agree on how to build a wall around working class people in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, We release our podcast… Listen HERE

The Spectacle – September’s aptly named Podcast… as the spectacle of a Prime Minister desperately trying to create headlines as he wrecks the constituent countries of the UK… [PODCAST HERE]

“Washing one’s hands of the conflict between the powerful and the powerless means to side with the powerful, not to be neutral…” Paulo Friere

Marian Kamensky / Austria

A podcast about racism, oppression and imploring folk, “LET’S DEFEAT FASCISM!” Listen HERE 


“We Just Want People To Listen To The Science…”- June Podcast Part 2 of 2

Three pods from three strong women about three very important issues. Plus three great music tracks.


June 2019 – The Politicians are acting like children…  Available free NOW!  (part one of two)

Featuring articles on the titled theme and beyond. Five great Ungagged regulars and five fab pieces of music including our featured band Bioma – Feminist Queercore Band



Latest Articles

Representing Robert…

Catriona Stevenson hits back at those who misrepresent Scottish History in the media – and defends our most recent iconic films. [Read More]


Project Mejkangati: and how an indigenous group in the Amazon is fighting to protect bees

Nathália Urban has spoken to Project Mejkangati (which works with indigenous population in the Amazon about honey production) and learned about their current struggles. [Read More]


A Spoonful of Blood

Val Waldron examines how nostalgia can provide fertile soil for bad decisions and outcomes [Read More]


Scottish Councillor Jim exposes corruption on West Dunbartonshire Council… HERE


Ungagged Review: Drag 101

Debra Torrance explores the current drag scene in Scotland. [Read More]


Brazil – “Tinder of Books”, How Donating a Book Can Be an Anti-Racist Action

In Brazil, the presence of black people in higher education has made some recent advances with the introduction of affirmative actions and other social programs, but in academia the racial portrait is one of greater inequality… by Natalia Urban [Read More]


Born To Destroy… And Born To Create.

Today’s rebels just might save the world by Neil Scott [(Read More]


Poetry Page

We have created a new page for poetry. It starts with three pieces of spoken word and poetry. We have other poetry already on our site and links to them will be added soon.

Linda Devlin – The Dance – Linda uses a Dance metaphor to describe the change in Mood Music from everyday life to fascism. [Read More]

The People’s Palace. A Cathedral. Muriel Baker’s poem about the Glasgow museum The People’s Palace. [Read More]

Debra Torrance in this You Tube video performs her spoken word piece. She starts by talking about her first jobs, go watch and see where it goes from there. She performed it at meetings for the Scottish Indyref in 2014 but says it’s still relevant today. [Watch on You Tube]


Gleichschaltung – Or, “How The Left Helped Unite The Racists.”

What Gordon Brown SHOULD have said… by Neil Scott [Read More]


The Battles Go On

An imagined Dialogue between Mary Barbour and her Rent Striking “Army” by Gail Winters [Read More]


Poem – The People’s Palace. A Cathedral, by Muriel Baker.

A poem about Glasgow’s People’s Palace. [Read More]


Who are “The Working Class” today?

Val Waldron asks who the Working Class are in the 21st Century and how we can use our understanding to oppose inequality. [Read More]


Labor Day Thoughts: The Lost Art Of Protest

George Collins tells us why Labor Day needs to restart workers activism. [Read More]


Is the SNP no longer fit for purpose as a party for Scottish independence?

Opinion – Sam Hamad: Grassroots want CHANGE. The long read [Read More]


As Boris Johnson aims to ‘suspend’ Parliament, lets assess the Twitter damage of this ‘very British coup’

image of Boris Johnson

Brian Finlay takes a look at what’s been happening on Twitter today over Boris Johnson’s proroguing of the UK Parliament. [Read More]


Please Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland can and must do more to stand in solidarity with the people of Brazil

Image of Brasil with a candles on it. With the bold words the Amazon is on fire.

Nathalia Urban writes an important letter for First Minister Nicola Sturgeon. [Read More]


Zombie Stalinism: 25 Years Later, Who Wants The Berlin Wall Back?

Duncan Chapel discusses on the up coming 30th Anniversary of demonstrations that led to the reunification of Germany whither some socialists want to go back to the past. [Read More]


Unite was right to pull out of Pride Glasgow because of its ‘commercialisation’

Brian Finlay looks into the commercialisation of Pride Glasgow. [Read More]


ASDA are the Latest in the Tory Fight against our Rights…

Chris McCusker discusses the current changes to ASDA workers contracts. [Read More]


The Chinese Economic Model: Threat or Future

Beinn Irbhinn looks into the rise of Chinese Economic model and the implications for the West. [Read More]


Butterflies And Wish Trees, Wasp Bikes And Big Pokey Sticks

On Wings Over Scotland’s Latest Snake Oil…

Opinion from Debra Torrance: I was actually writing a very patriotic and in depth article about this Ungagged Tweet. However my being mired in depressive nostalgia of my potential close ancestors “emigrating” was interrupted by a foul stench. [MORE HERE]


On The Origin Of Desert Eagles

George Collins discusses the causes of widespread gun violence in the U.S. [Read More]


Complicity on Destruction- International companies are profiting over the destruction of the Amazon

Nathália Urban on European companies & Brazil’s Bolsonaro’s far-right, climate-damaging agenda, profiting over the destruction of the environment & indigenous genocide.


Opinion: Neil Scott on the “Minister of the Union”.

Neil Scott looks into the self pronounced “Minister of the Union”. [Read More]


Illiberal Democrat

Opinion: Sam Hamad on Jo Swinson. [More Here]


Scottish Drug Deaths – An Analysis 

This week it was announced that 1,187 drug-related deaths were registered in Scotland in 2018, the largest number ever recorded.

This caused a shockwave to run through Scottish politics, though it wasn’t such a shock to those on the front line who knew the figures would be terrible.  [MORE HERE]

by Glasgow Councillor Mhairi Hunter


Protesters Targeted By High Speed Car – One Protester Killed. More HERE

MST Logo


Valerie Zen on Putin’s Russia

Valerie Zen in interview with Rachael Horwitz talks on Russia; political prisoners, Crimea, environmental protests & domestic violence law. [Read More]


Is UK Democracy about false promises… or promises fulfilled?

Image from Odds Digest

From Allan Grogan;

The political landscape has never been vaguer or indeed more frightening on this island. Watch the latest edition of Question Time to hear the audience boo comments suggesting that a mild mannered, pro equality gardener with a penchant for jam be anything other than a disrespectful terrorist who is a danger to the UK while we await a vote between the current Foreign Secretary, who sold more of the NHS than 99% of previous Health Secretaries… or… well Boris Johnson. How depressing is that? [MORE…]


Caiçaras Traditional Lifestyle, And Livelihood, Under Threat From Bolsonaro’s Brazil

Brazil: Caiçaras house destroyed

Nathália Urban discusses Bolsonaro’s policies threaten the traditional inhabitants of the coastal regions of the South Eastern and Southern Brazil.

Yesterday, three houses of caiçaras in the ecological station Juréia- Itatins, Brazil, were demolished by state agents on the grounds that they occupied an illegal area… [Read More]


One Big Activist University; the SSP 1999-2007

SSP, G8, Make Poverty History march, Edinburgh 2005

Neil Scott on the SSP entering the Scottish Parliament in twenty years ago… [Read More]


Nathália Urban Reviews “The Edge of Democracy”

Nathália Urban reviews Petra Costa’s movie about the rise of the extreme right in Brazil. [Read More]


Equality for Women… Thrash ’em all…

Val Waldron discusses Mark Field’s ‘ejection’ of a female protester at the Mansion House Dinner. [Read More]


This is what a British Trump looks like

David McClemont looks at what Boris has said in the past. [Read More]


No Brendan O

Brian Finaly’s rebuttal of Spiked Online’s Editor Brendan O’Neill’s article on the homophobic attack on a bus in London on May 30. [Read More]


The Forgotten – Winter Writing Competition – Winner – Benny Allen



Benny used the title of The Forgotten created a story that satisfied every criteria we set…

The story starts;

“Your name is Charlie Southwark and today you’re breaking rules. With you, a bunch of people sharing the same, daily thirty-minute bus ride to work. Bodies so intertwined you can sniff all-day-fresh rolling stick deodorant and a whiff of cigarettes passengers puffed before hopping on. One big smelly mess travelling forty miles per hour.”

Have a listen and see what happens next…



Tariq Ali – The Clash of Fundamentalisms – George Collins Book Club Review

George Collins reviews Tariq Ali’s book The Clash of Fundamentalisms. [Read More]

There ain’t no party like a Brexit Party, unless you’re a homosexual or an immigrant


Brian Finlay discusses Anne Widdecombe’s statement on SKY TV; “science may produce an answer at some stage” to homosexuality. [Read More]


On Jo Swinson and Glasgow’s Attainment Challenge

Mhairi Hunter describes how wrong Jo Swinson is about how Scotland (and Glasgow) are tackling the effects of child poverty on young people’s educational progression. [Read More]


Your Country needs you!

Val Waldron takes us on journey discovering the far right from 2006 and Blairite stasis to Yaxley Lennon not winning a seat in the May 19 EU elections. [Read More]


Labour’s Love Lost

Teresa Durran discusses what could happen to the Labour party in England if Brexit leads to Scottish & Welsh independence. [Read More]


In Which I Try To Feel Sorry For Theresa May

Mhairi Hunter tries to understand Teresa May as a woman and as a human being who has been through a torrid time. [Read More]



Áurea Carolina Speaks Out: “Brazil Has Become An Even More Threatening Country For Those Who Fight For Their Rights.”

Interview of Áurea Carolina by Nathália Urban. Deputy Áurea Carolina is one of the main voices of the resistance in Brazil’s Chamber of Deputies. [Read More]


Why I can’t stand with ‘stand with’

Teresa Durran explores the recent use of the phrase “stand with” to show support for a cause, or for a person. She doesn’t like it! [Read More]



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