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Holyrude Ungagged – Episode 16 “Is Chinook An Onomatopoeia?”

David (Twitter: @DavoMc82), Debra (@HeathPeaPict) and Brian (@WeeSociologist) discuss the latest events in Scottish and UK politics


– Sharon Graham Elected Leader of Unite

– Wullie Rennie Gets Front Bench Role

– SNP / Green Cooperation Agreement


– Two Firms belonging to Minister’s wife go bust owing thousands to the taxman

Music by – @HippyMusic

Art by – @HeathPeaPict

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Ungagged Film Club: “Starship Troopers” (1997)

 David (Twitter: @davomc82), Debra (@HeathPeaPict) and Brian (@WeeSociologist) are joined by Scott McDonald (@Scott_eff) of Edinburgh Radical Independence Campaign for a SPOILER FILLED discussion of the 1997 film “Starship Troopers”.


Ungagged Interviews: Laura Bilton, BLM Edinburgh and Councillor Graham Campbell

Neil Anderson leads a conversation with Glasgow Councillor Graham Campbell and Laura Bilton of Black Lives Matter, Edinburgh on –

-the Radical Independence Conference and the way forward for indyref2.

-the non inclusion of black and BAME communities and their place in Scottish society.

– BLM and other movements for inclusion in changing societal views.

– BAME representation in elections.

Music from You Want Fox

(@youwantfox) | Twitter

with Dirty Little Damsel

(thanks to Loud Women!)

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{Latest Writing}


‘Clackmannanshire is a Shite-hole’ by Val Waldron

Don’t judge till you’ve read it! The Indy Movement, past, present and Future in 400 word prose!




Several Frogs a boiling by Val Waldron

Another anniversary of indyref 1, and Val warns that we cannot possibly look back to recreate that initial campaign, as the political scene and the movement have changed beyond recognition.





Why I support Trans Rights – Part Two – By Mhairi Hunter

Why it is important to support minorities during a culture war… by Mhairi Hunter.


Has Labour Gone Full Tonto by Chris McCusker

Ungagged’s regular contributor Chris McCusker asks if Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer can realistically represent the views of Socialists


Obstacles to Indy by Val Waldron

Val urges us not to take our eye off the ball and stay focused on the goal of independence, and ‘Know Thy Enemy’




What and Who will take us over the Line?

Val Waldron looks beyond the reasons for leaving the UK, to the values that underpin our vision of a progressive independent nation.



Me Too…

Journalist Scott Bevan interviews a victim of assault in Paisley about her awful experience and how she was treated in the aftermath.


Chris McCusker introduces Broadcasting Scotland

Why The Left Need Independent news Media by Chris McCusker


Rewilding of the Campsies

A fascinating read about some of the environmental history of Scotland’s hills and how to return to a more ecologically proven system by Harry Barnes.


No Country for Yesterday’s Men

Val Waldron takes a look at what the hell just happened, and where are we going now in the Independence Movement


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