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May 2019 – DARE – It’s Better This Way! Available free  NOW! (part three of three)

Dare, Its better this way!

The latest third podcast in our series based on the themes, Dare and It’s Better this way (hat tip to The Human League and Billy Mackenzie). Listen to these in any order… They’ll all change your life … or not.


Listen or Download FREE now Better? – pt 1

Brexit, Trump and waving yer willie are discussed in this edition of our Pod. LISTEN OR DOWNLOAD pt 1 FREE NOW]


This way? – Podcast pt 2

Racism, Brexit and the media of the billionaires;  the rise of femicide cases in Brazil Music,1919 – revolt on the Clyde and Lagan, The Wakes lead singer, Paul Sheridan and Red Raiph reads his poem, “The Squeaker o the Hoose…”

With Music from Vokxen, The Cundeez, The Wakes, John McHarg and Cosmic Caz – what else should a self respecting Tory ideology hater be listening to? LISTEN OR DOWNLOAD pt 2 FREE NOW


Latest Articles 


Tariq Ali – The Clash of Fundamentalisms – George Collins Book Club Review

George Collins reviews Tariq Ali’s book The Clash of Fundamentalisms. [Read More]

There ain’t no party like a Brexit Party, unless you’re a homosexual or an immigrant


Brian Finlay discusses Anne Widdecombe’s statement on SKY TV; “science may produce an answer at some stage” to homosexuality. [Read More]


On Jo Swinson and Glasgow’s Attainment Challenge

Mhairi Hunter describes how wrong Jo Swinson is about how Scotland (and Glasgow) are tackling the effects of child poverty on young people’s educational progression. [Read More]


Your Country needs you!

Val Waldron takes us on journey discovering the far right from 2006 and Blairite stasis to Yaxley Lennon not winning a seat in the May 19 EU elections. [Read More]


Labour’s Love Lost

Teresa Durran discusses what could happen to the Labour party in England if Brexit leads to Scottish & Welsh independence. [Read More]


In Which I Try To Feel Sorry For Theresa May

Mhairi Hunter tries to understand Teresa May as a woman and as a human being who has been through a torrid time. [Read More]



Áurea Carolina Speaks Out: “Brazil Has Become An Even More Threatening Country For Those Who Fight For Their Rights.”

Interview of Áurea Carolina by Nathália Urban. Deputy Áurea Carolina is one of the main voices of the resistance in Brazil’s Chamber of Deputies. [Read More]


Why I can’t stand with ‘stand with’

Teresa Durran explores the recent use of the phrase “stand with” to show support for a cause, or for a person. She doesn’t like it! [Read More]


This Disunited Kingdom

Teresa Durran takes us through her journey from “no stance” on the Scottish IndyRef of 2014 through to her current opinion on Scottish & Welsh independence including the influence of Brexit. [Read More]


Media Island, Reparations, and the Racism of the Old (White) Guard

George Collins – The attacks on Ungagged allies Media Island International and a discussion on the reclaiming of lost black wealth. [Read More]


Democracy Inclusion Survey – please participate and share!

This survey is part of research being conducted on inclusion and democracy in Scotland. The research is being supported by Electoral Reform Society Scotland, Common Weal, Women for Independence and SANE among others.

The survey will take around 10-15 minutes to complete and will ask you a series of questions about local politics, political participation and inclusion and exclusion in politics.

image – from Carnegie Trust



Toilet door sign

Debra Torrance delves into the conversation about trans rights. Comparing open access services for minority groups. [Read More]


Knapdale beavers & Land Reform

Val Waldron takes us through the recent developments in Land Reform laws, policies, future developments & current problems. [Read More]


Wrestling with Anxiety

Andy Wild takes through the journey in his life. [Read More]


Brazil: Teacher Illegally Detained During Class By Police 

Rights are under attack in Brazil, an article by Nathalia Urban.


Christchurch – Compassion Will Kill Hate

by Teresa Durran



Tales of the Gareloch – What would have happened if Scotland had have won Independence in 2014?

A black comedy from @ActingStrange … What would have happened to Trident if we’d won the 2014 #Indyref? “Tales of the Gareloch” – A murderous post independence black comedy. [Listen or Download]


Brazil’s New Administration Hinders Upkeep And Development Of Women’s Rights In The Country

Gabriela Nogueira takes us through the changes to women’s rights happening now in Brazil. [Read More]

Why I support trans rights


Mhairi Hunter explains why she signed a letter supporting trans rights and reflects on what makes online discussion so toxic. [Read More]


Review – Gerald Horne – The Counter-Revolution of 1776

The George Collins Book Club reviews Gerald Horne – The Counter-Revolution of 1776 [Read More]


It’s better this way……….

April Cumming examines the Blairite legacy in the Labour party. [Read More]

Have Counterfire A New Policy Of Ignoring Racism?

Stuart Calton analyses this leaflet from Counterfire. [Read More]


What Is A Section 30 Order And Why Will We Never Get One Again For A Referendum?

Martin MacDonald looks into whither we can ever have another Scottish Independence referendum. [Read More]

The Independent Group, Money, Scotland And Power…

Martin MacDonald explores the set up of the Independent group. [Read More]


Columbia Attacks, Venezuela 

Nathália Urban updates us on the latest situation in Venezuela. [Read More


Far From Draining The System,

Immigrants Keep The NHS Afloat

Laura Lundahl reviews the looming crisis around skilled migrants and the NHS. [Read More]

Review – Linh Dinh – Postcards From The End Of America

A review by George Collins. [Read More]

The SNP and nuclear weapons


A reply to Rise founder, Jonathon Shafi by Mhairi Hunter. [Read More]


Brazil, Bolsonaro, Liberation Theology and the new attacks on the Church


Nathália Urban tells us about the above. [Read More]


Royal Drivers…

Prick Knobinson reminisces about a previous encounter with a dreadful Royal driver… [Read More]


Latest Fiction


My 11-Step Introduction Into The Cult of Corbyn (Part 3)

A Corbyn Cultist reveals all about his path to becoming a communist sleeper agent (as revealed to Steve McAuliffe) [read more]



As featured on the You, Me and the Digital Revolution podcast, Neil Scott tells a heartbreaking story of a child learning to be resilient [read more]


Latest Poetry


Stand Aside, Brother

Stand Aside, Brother

A poem by Victoria Pearson, written for the Step Aside Brother episode of the Ungagged Podcast [read more]


Ungagged Lite

In Defence (Sort Of) of the Harlequin Ladybird 

In Defence (Sort of) of the Harlequin Ladybird

Invasive, STI-ridden, cannibal pests? The truth about harlequin ladybird is a bit more complex, explains Rachael Horwitz 

Ungagged Cuppa Minutes – Jamie Szymkowiak

Only got 5 mins for a coffee break? No problem! Check out our 2 minute interview with…Jamie Szymkowiak


Ungagged Reviews

Norsemen – Spoiler Free Review

Norsemen – Spoiler Free Review

Debra Torrance gives her spoiler free review of the TV series Norsemen [read more]


Dragopticon Review

Debra Torrance reviews Dragopticon at the Panopticon and the Drag Queens performing there [read more]


Reflections on Poverty Safari

Two of our Ungagged team, David McClemont and Victoria Pearson, review Poverty Safari; Understanding the Anger of Britain’s Underclass by Darren “Loki” McGarvey [read more]


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