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{Dinnae Be Anyone’s Mug… Plus Music…}

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{Derek Stewart MacPherson interviews Glasgow Councillor Graham Campbell}

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{Breakdown And 5 Takeaways From The Protest Movement Around The Anti-NRC/CAA Protests In India}

{Review of The Protest Movement Around The Anti-NRC/CAA Protests In India by Tejas Mukerji.}


{Harry And Meghan – The Venous Cannula Into The Putrid Corpse Of The Monarchy}

Harry and Meghan are a part of a sick, old body. Monarchy is being pumped with steroids and hemanevrin and by leeching, old, fame seeking bastards like Eamonn Holmes…


{Mhairi Hunter:  Yes 2020 – The Coming Campaign}

Image: By Stewart Bremner


{Happy Families}


{David C.Chin contemplates the tragedy of lost species in verse and prose}



{Debra Torrance: The End of the World}

{Review of the 2010s and a look forward to the next decade. “What are your new decade resolutions?”}


{Val Waldron: Say it Ain’t So, Jo}

{Denial, Delusion and Illusion. GE 2019}


{Mhairi Hunter: Reflections On The Election.}

{ It is not in Scotland’s interests, even as an independent country, to see our closest neighbour and ally become a political basket case. }

{George Collins: Resistance In Punjab: Lessons On Power From A Small Sikh Village}

Sikh’s are fighting to have a recognised state

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{No Choice: F.S.Schönberg}

{Never Forget! A dystopian vision of the future inspires courage and presence for a Writer}


{Val Waldron: The Homecoming}

{Ungagged Winter Fiction; A story of a family mystery about identity and loss, from the 2nd World War}


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