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The Queue by Val Waldron

We call it QueueAnon, this wonderful

fountain of freedom hitherto unknown,

a snaking virtue of fellow patriots,

knees bending to the virtues of the throne.

Three days to bathe in our rightful place,

in worship of her glorious majesty

bowing our grateful head for the life of this deity


In the guiding light of our virtuous radiance

enduring bonds and soul mates have emerged.


Here’s loyal Prince Andrew

with his hand outstretched,

casting an eye for burdening servility

the queue rippling with expectation

as he glows in the beauty of innocence and youth,

all anointed with reverence for this example of royalty.


Here’s Mr Cameron, a meeting of minds,

and that was it,

him, an ex-prime minister, you a pig.

he held you close as you snorted God Save The King.

Life would never be the same again,

he saved your bacon as you relished his.


Look, there’s Phil and Holly at the head of the Queue,

a fine show of obsequious entitlement,

bold examples of an emerging enlightenment

by even the most humble TV show hosts

that they too must bear the standard

for this fine establishment.


And here’s Jeremy Clarkston and Katie Hopkins

waving a banner for Britannia’s values

casting an eye for brave inhabitants

of their outspoken realm, those

fearless ones who rally for freedom

of speech, who reach for domination

over petty rules and regulations.


May our future be safe in the hands of

God and the King,

let’s raise a goblet of glory to his

succession, bend low and                    kiss his ring.

Val Waldron





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